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  1. I have mounted my Go Pro to my shotguns. The footage is cool, but I have found the best way to mount a camera when hunting is to just use the head mount. Have you tried using it this way while hunting? It might be different for you since you are using a pump but when using a SBEII you can hear the bolt cycle every time you fire off a shot.
  2. lol:D No doves around my place unfortunately.
  3. I bought this one. LOVE IT! It is super easy to use, and you can adjust it to just about any shooting style. Also works great if you shoot by yourself. I also have the MTM hand thrower and I really like that one too. Sometimes to mix it up we use both at the same time. http://www.cabelas.com/product/Shooting/Shooting-Accessories/Clay-Shooting%7C/pc/104792580/c/104769180/sc/104269680/Trius-One-Step-Trap/706695.uts?destination=/catalog/browse/shooting-shooting-accessories-clay-shooting/_/N-1100229/Ns-CATEGORY_SEQ_104269680%3FWTz_l%3DSBC;cat104792580;cat104769180&WTz_l=SBC;cat104792580;cat104769180;cat104269680
  4. Pretty sure that if it didn't come from the factory with a pistol grip you will be changing its classification, thus making it illegal. When you buy a shotgun with a pistol grip they are classified as an "Any other weapon (AOW)", not as a regular shotgun. Also, the Super Nova comes with a comfortech stock. Why would you use a super nova rather than a regular nova?
  5. Hey whats wrong with Damascus!?
  6. $29,000.00 And it still sits in the same POS plastic case? LOL I understand purchasing guns as an investment, but this gun just seems to be WAY overpriced.
  7. I use Kent Fast Lead #6's and I have seen no reason to switch to anything else. Dropped some pheasants and quail with that load this morning, all were one shot kills dead before they hit the ground.
  8. But duck season starts in less than two weeks!
  9. I am still interested in a modified choke for steel shot that works with the Crio choke system of the SBEII.
  10. Thats just ridiculous. I want one.
  11. I ordered a couple things a few months ago, Shipping time was just fine, I got everything within a week.
  12. I just patterned it against the Kent Fasteel that I normally use. Unfortunately, my sister who was supposed to take pictures of everything, failed. So I have no pics of my patterns. These are 3" 1 1/4 oz. #4s out of a Super Black Eagle II with a factory modified choke. I took 2 shots of each shell type at 30, 40, and 50 yards. I would liked to have take more shots but I was low on time. Patterns were almost identical except for one thing. With the hypersonic steel the wad stayed with the BBs much longer and was actually blowing giant holes though the cardboard I was firing at clear out to 40 yards and denting it at 50. With the Fasteel the wad was nowhere to be seen at any of the 3 targeted ranges. Anybody else see similar results? Im thinking that if its staying in the wad for so long it wouldn't work out very well on shorter shots over the decoys. What do you guys think? Hopefully I will go out again next week and do some more tests, WITH PICTURES! lol
  13. I bought 4 boxes of the 3" Number 4s. I will try to get a review up if I can pattern it this week. My Stag 6L is showing up tomorrow too so that might take up most of my shooting time Does anybody know if this new wad thats in these works best with any certain type of choke?
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