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  1. He was the greatest shooter of all times, he have truly reinvented exhibition shooting. Stoffer
  2. What do you mean dont belong here? I dont know the price for bending a barrell where you live, I think you will have to ask someone else. I only know about prices in Denmark. Let us know if you will have your problem solved. Stoffer
  3. Hi I will give it a try! Most european guns shot high compared to american shotguns, because the rail on the shotgun is closer to the barrell by the muzzle on european made guns. On american guns the rail is straight. However this is only an explanation, not a solution. Your problem might be solved by: mounting a higher bead, or bending the barrell, which would require a gunsmith, the last solution works but will cost you. Hope that I was able to help Stoffer
  4. It is really not that complicated, if you will lower the drop enough, you will theoretical end up shooting into the ground! Stoffer
  5. Sorry, I still have to disagree, the following link maybe proves me right? http://archives.gunsandammo.com/content/do-shotgun-stock-shims-matter?page=1 Best regards Stoffer
  6. I still dont get it! If you increase drop from 50 to 65mm POI will be lower! But your chart shows that the opposit is the case! Stoffer
  7. You are almost right, only you are wrong with the Benelli drop change chart, if you lower drop you will also lower point of impact! Have a nice day Stoffer
  8. Hi, Is it possible to get a rifled slugbarrell for the M2, when it must fit a lefthand gun? Thanks Stoffer
  9. Earlier i had a Beretta with the problem, it was solved by changing the spring on the firing pin. I have however since i got my M2 never had any problems I hope you will get your problem solved, let us know what the solution will be. Stoffer
  10. Hi, M2 have also crio barrell. For trick-shooting it will not let you down. Good luck with it Stoffer
  11. I would also choose the inertia system before anything else, my Benelli M2 just keeps shooting,and cleaning is very easy compared to a gas-operated system. I was during the winter time hunting goose in Norway ( and it is really cold by us in scandinavia ) i never had any problems. One of my friends gave up because of problems with his winchester sx3. Good luck with what ever your choise might be Stoffer
  12. Good luck with your M2, I got one my self about six month ago. I use for both clay and hunting, and afther more than 2000 rounds I did not encounter any problems with it. It is really the best gun I ever owned! Stoffer
  13. Which clay pigeon thrower would you recomend if the following things are important? Durability Easy to move Stability Price Single stack thrower I am not looking for a machine which can throw 80 or 100 yards most important is that it will work every time and dont break down every second day! Sorry if my english is not perfect, hope you understand what I am looking for, if not please ask. Thanks Stoffer
  14. Really nice gun. Congratulations with the purchase, The Italiens seems to know what they are doing. Stoffer
  15. Thanks for the answers, I would like to bring only one gun because of the weight of my luggage. If any of you have some suggetions regarding which spare parts I should bring with me plese let me know. And again thank you very much for opinion on this topic. Stoffer
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