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  1. Thanks for the reply! Im Thinking if your not in the clique of senior members you dont belong here. what abouts does it cost to bend a barrel persay?
  2. Can anyone help????????????????????????????
  3. I have a question for you then spike100, I bought a new super vinci 2 to 3 weeks ago and myself along with my friend who runs the trap/skeet range frequently and shoots well, shoot my new gun about 90/10 or even a tad higher with the lowest drop shim in place(the 65mm). The pattern is not left or right at all but unreasonably high for my liking. What do I do now? I like the gun but don't know what to do next got any tips? I had bought a sbe2 and took it back due to blisters in the finish, Got the second one thanks to cabelas wanting to make everyone happy and had a very loose forend. I sent the gun to benelli got it back the forend was tight for about a dozen dove loads and then it was right back the way it was before I sent it out. Thanks to cabelas great customer service (me having not been satisfied with benelli and the poor attempt to fix the gun) exchanged it for me I decided to try a different gun. Now I have the super vinci and love the gun but dont like the high pattern. And I have shot many different shells through the gun and all are alike. So im stumped. Any advice what to try??????
  4. I purchased a super vinci 2 weeks ago and am pretty dissapointed in the guns POI. I currently have the 65mm shim in and am shooting it around 90/10. As a waterfowl hunter that isnt acceptable. Having been my old faithfull Remington 870 shoots bead at center. Any help would be a big help. Im not understanding why a person who spends that kind of jack on a shotgun should have to spend this kind of time trying to fix a problem that shouldn,t be a problem to begin with? Thanks Ron
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