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  1. I have a SBE II Apg Camo 26". I just bought it and this is my first time disassembling it. Ok so here is the problem, the bolt locking head will not come out when disassembling the bolt group. I remove the bolt group from receiver, and then remove the firing pin retaining pin, while holding the firing pin and firing pin spring. Then I remove the firing pin and firing pin spring. Then I take out the locking head pin. Then I try and remove the bolt locking head and it will not come out! In the directions it says it should come out after those steps. Maybe Im reading them wrong and missing a step
  2. Im bought a SBE II in Realtree APG 26" Barrel today from Gander Mountain. They matched Bud's Gun Shop at $1382! I know I was happy with that! Now i want to break it in. I know some people believe it to be over rated. Well, Im going to do it anyway just to be sure! My only question is what ammo should I use? I was thinking maybe the 3 1/2" 2oz Remington Nitro Turkey Turkey Loads. These are somewhat inexpenisve and pretty heavy, in my opinion at least. Haha. Any suggestions besides those?
  3. I am going to buy a new shotgun pretty soon. Wanted to know what some of you guys thought about the xtrema 2 over the sbe II. Seen a lot of positive reviews saying it was favored over the sbe II. Opinions? Thoughts?
  4. Well, he's obviously not that respected because I habe no respect for him at all.
  5. Well, I dont know what the problem your having is but I found that oiling the action helps alot. I dont really know how much this helps, sorry.
  6. Well i dont know how being 19 qualifies me as a junior member.
  7. Mudhen, how about you do something else than get on these forums to criticize people. You would think even in your pathetic little life you would be able to find something better to do.
  8. The super vinci/vinci line will never replace the sbe II/m2 line for the simple fact that it will never have a slug barrel. There are many people out there who really need a slug barrel option to make the purchase, including myself. With the vinci design, there will probably never be a slug barrel. The receiver of a gun is considered the actual "gun". So, thats where the serial number goes. The super vinci/vinci line has the receiver connected to the barrel. So, they cant just sell a barrel/receiver piece for the super vinci/vinci with no serial number or someone could go out buy one, slap it
  9. Yeah, I think the super vinci looks amazing too but it doesn't have a slug barrel and doesn't sound like it ever will so that somewhat ruled it out for me, unless i was to buy the super vinci and then just buy a m2 with rifled slug barrel?
  10. Hi i am going to purchase a Super Black Eagle II in camo here in Ohio before turkey season starts April 18. I was trying to figure out who the cheapest online seller would be or if you live in Ohio who the cheapest seller is around the Northwest area of Ohio? Anyone know where i could get one for $1400 or cheaper. I found them on midsouthshooterssupply.com for $1400.
  11. where do you live? I live in northwest ohio and the super vinci hasn't shipped to stores yet? i wish it had because i would buy one in a heartbeat. just wondering where you live to get a general idea of when it will hit stores. or if anyone knows when it will in ohio that would be great!
  12. Im thinking about buying a new benelli this year before turkey season in april. I either want to get a super vinci or a sbe II. Dont know which one yet. Like the super vinci because of the new in -line inertia system and the 3 piece modular design. But also like the super black eagle II because of the rifled barrel capability. Any thoughts or suggestions?
  13. thats what im wondering. i will be glad to get every penny back i can get
  14. Really hyped about the new super vinci coming. Just wandering if anyone knew anything about a slug barrel with it? If so i will buy this gun in a heartbeat!
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