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  1. I started this tread. I am now happy to report a solution to the problem. I figured what was happening is that the extractor, for some reason, was releasing the shell from its grip too soon. The spent casing was always pulled from the chamber, it just wasn't being thrown clear. If you look at how the ejector works, it is virtually impossible for the spent casing NOT to eject cleanly as long as the extractor holds the spent casing long enough to hit the ejector and get a little compression in the ejector's spring. I figured that SOMETHING in the gun had changed just a little so that the ex
  2. I can't imagine it being an early release from the magazine that's causing the problem. I load a shell below the bolt (it holds 4 rounds that way, even with the plug in) EVERY TIME. That's the functional equivalent of an early released shell every time. The jam can occur on the first, second, or third shot.
  3. I have a SBE I that has developed a bad habit of jamming. The gun fails to eject the spent casing about once every 15 rounds. Of course, the jam always seems to occur at the most inopportune times. The gun has about 15,000 rounds through it. I keep my guns super clean, so cleanliness is NOT an issue. I had a Sure Cycle SS spring in the stock when the problem started. I started changing parts in an effort to cure the jamming problem. I've changed out the Sure Cycle SS spring back to the factory spring. Additionally, I've replaced, with new parts, the bolt's main pin, the extractor,
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