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  1. striped1

    Tom Knapp passed

    Tom Knapp passed away yesterday. I had the pleasure of being acquainted with Tom over the last 10 years many times talking hunting, shooting, his grandkids and my nieces. I will spend the day breaking clays to remember him.
  2. Don't buy a benelli camo dipped gun. Every one I have ever seen has start chipping and peeling. Rediculous that they cannot fix it on a $1500 gun, but mossberg can on a $400.00 one.
  3. if sale falls through, let me know. I am interested.
  4. striped1

    What Happened to TOM KNAPP??

    Tom had a serious lung illness and was unable to fulfill the contract and Benelli dropped him. He is happy doing fewer shows, making his own schedule, developing a TV show and spending time with his grandchildren.
  5. striped1

    Super Sport or Cordoba

    The differences are purely cosmetic.
  6. striped1

    Frontsite Tactical Shotgun Training

    I second the notion. With all the reputable trainers and schools out there this place would be last on my list.
  7. striped1

    Taking care of Customers?

    I have had nothing but amazing customer service from Benelli. 2 issues, one there's, one mine and they took care of both quickly and went beyond what I expected.
  8. striped1

    Steel Shot advise

    btw, I believe they recommend a non-ported choke tube for best patterns. I think ported barrels are fine.
  9. striped1

    Steel Shot advise

    I use 2 shot on ducks and geese. Kent is good stuff. Never had a problem with it and have used many cases.
  10. striped1

    best layout blinds

    The avery powerhunter is the lowest profile - the easiest to hide, and has the best field of view of all that are out there. It is also the most portable. price is around 150.00
  11. striped1

    FS Ported slug barrel M1 S90

    can this fit an M2 receiver?
  12. striped1

    WTS M1S90 Benelli Entry Barrel $450

    Does this also fit the M2 tactical? I have been looking to sbs one.
  13. striped1

    Which Benelli for sporting?

    I would stay away from the Ultralight. I have one and have shot sporting clays with it. It is not a pleasurable experience. It is too light for 50 rounds of sporting clays. I would go with the M2 out of your list. If you could get the cordoba with the comfortech by the wife, that is what I would do. IMHO it is the best all-around benelli.
  14. striped1

    ultralight choke compatibility

    I am trying to find extended chokes for my ultralight and the local benelli dealer sold me beretta chokes and swears they are will interchange. They look very similar. Anyone know if there is interchagability with beretta?
  15. striped1

    benelli's good customer service

    My experience with Benelli CS has been very good. I have an ultralight that had a stock issue. They sent me a complete set of wood to make sure it matched. That being said, I will never by a camo benelli. The finish just plain sucks. I have a Mossberg 835 with thousands through it and the finish looks much better than any camo SBE II with 100 rounds through.