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  1. Thanks guys I went with some #3s for ducks and #4s for teal in Kents Fasteel, I had to order them, I am also going to try several other brands to see which pattern the best, thanks for all your info and helping out a newbie to the world of waterfowl
  2. I am thinking a case of #4s for Teal and a case of #3 for Ducks, looking at Kents Fasteel not sure what oz I shoud get?
  3. Need some advice I will be hunting teal and duck soon over decoys and in flight. I shoot a Cordoba so 3" is my limit, I am a bit confused with shot size ie BBB, BB vs 1,2,3,4, etc I am looking at the Kent's Fasteel, I was looking at Black Cloud but I have a ported barrel so that is a no-go)o; .... I am looking for a middle ground as I would like to purchase a case of 3" what shot oz. is recommended and what shot size should I use. Thanks for any advise.
  4. *BUMP* no one can answer this question???
  5. I need a little advise kinda new to Dove and Duck hunting, I purchased a Cordoba a few months ago and I have two chokes that are not the stock ones, one is a Pass Shooting Improved Modified Extended choke .700 (Benelli). the other is Decoy Shooting Extra Improved Cylinder Extended choke .710 (Benelli) what applications are these used for, can I use the pass for Dove and Duck hunting? Also can these chokes handle steel shot? I wasn't able to gather anything using the search function, thanks for any advise given.
  6. Maybe I should have worded my original question a bit better, lol.. I had already cleaned the shotgun minus the mag tube and inertia spring, I disassembled the shotgun per the manual and cleaned and oiled it with break-free CLP. I just wasn't sure if these benelli's had a mess of packing grease in them, is all, and if it needed to come out. I do plan on disassembling these items eventually when they get wet from use and what not, thanks.
  7. Thanks I figured as much, just didn't want to needlessly tear it completely down till it's really needed, thanks
  8. I am the same with weapons, and the shotgun has been disassembled per manual and lubed with break-free CLP, just wasn't sure as to the magazine tube and inertia spring
  9. Thanks, I am retired military and I am so used to cleaning my guns until you can eat off of them, this is my first auto and Benelli just want to make sure it shoots without jams and what-not thanks for the quick reply.
  10. I just purchased a Cordoba a week ago and I am looking for a little advice. Do I need to deep clean the shotgun before taking it to the range for the first time? Does the magazine, and but-stock spring need to be disassembled and cleaned (packing grease) prior to shooting this shotgun? Any help would be appreciated, this is my first semi auto shotgun, thanks (o; Steve
  11. Thanks Guys these will fit the cordoba right?
  12. Hello all I am new to the forum (and Upland Bird hunting)and just purchased a Cordoba Max 4 12G and would like a little info in regards to chokes. The gun will be mainly used for Doves, teal and duck (Texas) with a little turkey hunting. My question is where can I get the "© Special-Purpose Crio® Chokes Matte Black" choke for this model gun for turkeys? Is there another choke brand for turkeys out there that you guys are using in your Cordoba's? Thanks for any help or advise (o:
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