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  1. I am new to the Benelli M4 with Collapsible stock. What would be the most effective sling and attachment options for this Shotgun? Would appreciate anyone who has successfully installed a sling on a M4 Collapsible M4 to chime in. Pictures would be great if you have Quick Release OD rings, etc. Thinking 2 point sling. Thanks in advance for your help. usaheadhunter
  2. Because I don't trust the LE requirements in your state to be such that I would understand for sure if it was legal to do so.
  3. SOLD.. First time doing this so please forgive any missteps on my part. This is what I have: Brand new Factory Benelli C-Stock for Supernova shotguns. This has never been on a shotgun that was fired. It is new. I don't have the original box but it is complete. I live in Dallas TX area so local sale would not include any shipping. Will not sell to anyone in CA, NY, NJ, CT, DC, IL, MA, MD, HI, CO. Know your local laws before purchasing. Will ship to the lower 48 via UPS for 17.50 insured. Price is 350.00 or best offer received asap. If you are interested, email me at [email protected] For some reason I am unable to upload pics.. Let me have your email and I will send you the pics. Thanks for looking.. usaheadhunter
  4. I am logging off and will be back in the AM CT..
  5. Thank you very much.. This will help. Do you know anyone that would like to purchase as new supernova collapsible stock? I purchased the shotgun with the collapsible stock installed but I would rather have the standard comfort tech stock. my email is: [email protected] if you know someone that would like to have it. It is factory Benelli, new. Shotgun never fired. Just don't have the c-stock box.. Regards,
  6. Hello, would you happen to know what type of tool /size one needs to remove the square button set screw for the collapsible stock? [email protected] As you know, set screw is inside the stock under the square button.. thanks
  7. First time on this Forum. Just picked up my BSN Tac. What I wanted to know before I go out and shoot this shotgun is the following: I loaded 4 rounds in the chamber. To cycle and test the action, I found that I had to unlock the slide each time a emptied a round. When I review videos on the web, it appears that each time the shotgun is fired, one cycles the round without the slide locking. Is mine locking up on each pump because I am not firing the shotgun? Thanks for your helping me understand what is going on.
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