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  1. So i just purchased my new Benelli SuperNova. It seems to hang up a bit unless i muscle the shotgun a little bit. Now i know you can't just move the pump with one finger i know you have to put a little bit of force into it but i called benelli they told me to strip it clean and re lube it. I did that and it does feels much better. They also said there is a break in period as it is a BRAND new firearm. Maybe i'm just being anal and paranoid but i just don't want any issues. It has loosened up the more i play with it but it just had me a little worried. Am i just being a little too paranoid and worrisome or is it an issue worth looking into? And secondly... Seeing as my supernova is my very first shotgun, i'm a little lost with how all these kinds of shells work. I know birdshot is for birds and buck shot is for buck but idk what size shell to shoot and what i should shoot for clay pigeon shooting and so on. What's the point of bigger shells over the smaller shells, I know i will stick with Federal Ammo mainly because i shoot that in my Glock and Bushmaster XM-15 with no issues. I like Fiocchi ammo as well. It's an Italian gun so i might as well feed it Italian food right? Sorry for being so un educated but it's just a bit overwhelming to me at the moment. I just got into firearms 2 years ago so i'm slowly learning each kind and shooting them. My next purchase is a Bolt Action Savage 110 Tactical. Any help would be greatly appreciated!
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