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  1. Thanks Steve. I'v decided to go ahead and see how the Ammo does and report back here with any problems. Need to sight in my new vortex viper scope. It's going to be awhile though because I'm in Arizona and the range was 114 °F today, little too toasty for my shooting pleasure. Rustyman
  2. I was looking up the ballistic info on Federal Premium, Vital Shock, .300 180gr with Nosler partition and noticed a statement "not for use in semi autos". Does anyone know why? I have 5 box's of this stuff and that statement has me leary of shooting until I find out the specifics behind it. Maybe related to feed issues? Slow burn powder vs fast, crimping, notched or something like that? I don't know, can't find any info online. As long as it doesn't have anything to do with pressure or something that will cause damage. I shot ten rounds of this (prior to this new info) on my last outing and it
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