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  1. Thanks for the helpful reply. I was able to borrow my friends hk marked m1 with 24" barrel and field stock for comparison. There are only 2 fully compatible parts between the m1 and m3 and one with partial compatibility. The pistol grip stocks and field stocks are readily interchangeable as are trigger groups. The bolt assembly is compatible if you remove the recoil spring guide and add it to the m3s bolt for use in the m1. The m1 bolt once spring guide is removed requires no further mods to function in the m3. Barrels are not readily interchangeable due to the different positions and outer diameters of the lug. If u could find an m3 barrel lug u could silver solder it to an m1 or m2 barrel approximately 6" ahead of where the m1 barrel lug is positioned since the m3 lug is only used lock or unlock the fore end for pump/auto modes. Mag tube caps are not interchangeable as well. No further parts are compatible even with major modification.
  2. I have always wanted a benelli tactical model and I just happend to stumble onto a really nice M3 convertible on the used rack at one of my local gun stores this past week. I took her home, did some research, and it turns out its really a find. HK import marks, one piece 7 shell mag tube, pistol grip stock, and ghost ring sights. So I really like it but the stock just is aggrivatingly long compared to my 1100's and the bolt release is really hard to find in a hurry. Theres just not much info out there on the M3 and im really wanting to know if i can fit the m4/m1014 collapsible stock and if i do get an oversize bolt release which one will not interfere with the action in pump mode. Ive been looking at the arredondo, GG&G, and DMW release lever. I saw an oversize circular button but i do not want to permanently mod this gun and some of this stuff required drilling and tapping. My buddy just said practice the "benelli speed load" and bypass the bolt release altogether. Do the M1 or M2 barrels fit or would the way the pump locks into the barrel ring on semi not allow switch barrel capability, I'd love to make it my new dove gun by a cyl bore 19" barrel maybe alittle loose for that. Primarily i bought it to compete in some local 3 gun matches. Has anyone tried that green hull, phospate steel base winchester military surplus buck loads? I found some real cheap and I'd like to have afew cases of "00" around the house. I shoot alot of steel case ammo thru my pistols and rifles. Never had any issues, but i keep hearing wolf shotshells have issues and have blown up guns especially slug loads. Should I avoid the wolf shells? The low price is very enticing. What kind of patterns can I expect for say #7.5, 1 1/8oz shot payload out of the 19.75" cyl choke barrel? Thanks yall. The M3 has always intrigued me but theres so little out there on it.
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