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Found 4 results

  1. Anyone wanna help review a product. If you've ever used this before please tell other users what you think about it and if you'd recommend. It's the Schmidt And Bender OPMOD rifle scope. https://discreetarmsdealer.com/product/opmod-5-25x56-34mm/
  2. Major Game - is for some the very substance of chasing in Africa. Major Game does mean huge creatures, yet huge difficulties and encounters. In fact talking by a long shot the most chasing in Africa is in reality Big Game Hunting. Indeed, even numerous types of antilope are really classed as major game. Nonetheless if is as a matter of first importance The Big Five, that one contemplates when the discussion goes to major game chasing. Lion, panther, bison, elephant and rhinoceros have been the extraordinary fascination for Big Game trackers making a trip to Africa on safari for quite a long time, despite everything they are. While the facts confirm that chasing for rhino is maybe not once what it used to be, as today this species is exceptionally ensured and encompassed by a lot of security, the rest of the species can in any case be chased in the wild African shrub - with all the magnificent encounters this carries with it. As a rule it is just in the zones where chasing suppliers work that the expanding levels of poaching have been brought leveled out, which somewhere else have developed alarmingly, particularly with respect to elephants, over ongoing years. This is only one reason why it is in reality Big Game-Hunting, that is presently the best apparatus for monitoring Africa's enormous warm blooded animals in their characteristic living space in nature. As pretty much no chasing for rhinoceros is completed any longer, trackers currently talk about The Big Four. Chasing for The Big Four should be possible with a totally clear heart, as the chase will spare definitely a greater number of creatures from poaching than will be really taken during chasing. Traditional and well-working Big Four-goals are Zimbabwe,
  3. What is too light dove ammo for the SBE 2? anyone?
  4. I am a fairly new owner of a supernova tactical and very new to this forum. I bought the gun for fun/home defense, but after shooting it for a while I fell in love with the pistol grip and would like to take it hunting. It is awesome with clays, but I'm afraid that with the 18.5" barrel my pattern might spread a bit too fast for live game. Thought I would just order a new barrel in 26" or 28", but at $250+ I shyed away a little. I won't be taking after turkey or geese with this gun, but probably pheasants, ducks, neighbor cats, etc. I was just wondering if anyone knew if my setup would be lethal enough at average ranges or the best way to go about getting there? There are no threads in the tactical barrel for a choke(at least not mine) just so everybody knows. Any help is appreciated, thanks in advance.
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