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  1. Went and bought some Federal Black Cloud which has the flight control wad. Shot some tag board at about 40 yards with that and similiar ammo that was loaded regular steel and a normal wad to compare and the fc wad sure did tighten it up a lot. Thanks a lot for the suggestion
  2. Well I'll play around with some different ammo and keep checking my pattern, thanks for the help guys and if you've got anything else for me I'm all ears.
  3. Will be hunting mostly small, fast ducks, but larger ducks, pheasant, and grouse are also on the menu. Not sure what the constriction is-it's a stock 18.5" tactical barrel though if that helps.
  4. I am a fairly new owner of a supernova tactical and very new to this forum. I bought the gun for fun/home defense, but after shooting it for a while I fell in love with the pistol grip and would like to take it hunting. It is awesome with clays, but I'm afraid that with the 18.5" barrel my pattern might spread a bit too fast for live game. Thought I would just order a new barrel in 26" or 28", but at $250+ I shyed away a little. I won't be taking after turkey or geese with this gun, but probably pheasants, ducks, neighbor cats, etc. I was just wondering if anyone knew if my setup would be lethal enough at average ranges or the best way to go about getting there? There are no threads in the tactical barrel for a choke(at least not mine) just so everybody knows. Any help is appreciated, thanks in advance.
  5. I bought the tactical supernova which has 18.5". Spreads fast and would prefer a 26" or 28" if I'm going to shoot it at anything besides clays. I might be willing to part with the ghost ring sights(fun as ****) if you were willing to trade barrels.
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