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  1. M2_shootr

    RMR vs. MRO

    I know for me, the MRO would be extremely high. An RMR on a ScalarWorks mount is absolutely perfect. It also allows for use of the iron sights
  2. I bought one......just need to swap fcg into the A&S housing
  3. My M4 is set up with QDs. I use a Blue Force Gear sling
  4. The two center screws needed about 1/16 turn off from being snugged to get my RMR mount installed.
  5. Jolly Roger’s comment kinda reminds me of your rant about the polymer trigger guard.
  6. Call me crazy..........I love the blue. Have you tried decaf? 🤣
  7. 61028 is listed as a M3 & SuperNova stock 61171 is listed as a MR1 & SuperNova stock I have the 61171 on my Super Nova Tac, and I added a Limbsaver
  8. Neither have I.....I’m running the factory piece and I’m happy with it
  9. Welcome....... a wonderful choice for your 1st weapon.
  10. Thanks, I thought that would be the case given your post. Just wanted to be sure. Need to do this still, maybe tomorrow
  11. So the material is removed from here?
  12. M2_shootr


    +1 Wish Benelli had gotten it right with the m1014
  13. M2_shootr


    I like it.......
  14. CeraCoat isn’t iron clad armor. Shooting it won’t do that. You have something rattling in a case or you’ve placed it on something. Can’t blame Benelli for the finish damage
  15. Crap pic, but shows the bluish hue well
  16. I think it’s just the angle of the camera. An SRO will cowitness the sights near the bottom of the viewing area
  17. Excuse the lint, oil and fingerprints
  18. Missed the stock type, apologies. This Noveske cup is a cleaner install https://www.opticsplanet.com/noveske-flush-qd-sling-mount-black-05000471.html
  19. Awesome.....how much material did you have to remove?
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