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Everything posted by M2_shootr

  1. Holy crap.....that muzzle device looks deadly!
  2. TTI.....no idea why someone would send money to that train wreck
  3. A wonderfully machined part.....still need to install my FCG into the A&S
  4. I thank you for your Service......I wish could help
  5. Personally, I think you’re making a mistake. 15 years from now, people will be LOOKING for the blue receiver Benellis. People did the same thing with the plumb HK P7 pistols.
  6. For the mid position, stock rail with a T1 or T2 with its factory mount was perfect for me. Ive since moved to the fully extended position, ScalarWorks mount with an RMR
  7. That price is remarkable! 🤣
  8. M2_shootr

    RMR vs. MRO

    No Sir, just a standard Gen 2 RMR
  9. Remember to use blue thread locker.......this is not the place for red
  10. Sucks to hear of the lack of love. Good luck with the sale....
  11. The SRO has a few improvements over the RMR. However, it’s shape contributes to less strength than the RMR
  12. M2_shootr

    RMR vs. MRO

    I know for me, the MRO would be extremely high. An RMR on a ScalarWorks mount is absolutely perfect. It also allows for use of the iron sights
  13. I bought one......just need to swap fcg into the A&S housing
  14. My M4 is set up with QDs. I use a Blue Force Gear sling
  15. The two center screws needed about 1/16 turn off from being snugged to get my RMR mount installed.
  16. Jolly Roger’s comment kinda reminds me of your rant about the polymer trigger guard.
  17. Call me crazy..........I love the blue. Have you tried decaf? 🤣
  18. 61028 is listed as a M3 & SuperNova stock 61171 is listed as a MR1 & SuperNova stock I have the 61171 on my Super Nova Tac, and I added a Limbsaver
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