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  1. Excellent. Understanding #3 well is going to have to wait until I receive my Urbino. Still waiting for that to arrive. I'll understand it better once I can see it for the first time.
  2. Thanks for the awesome detailed tutorial. Huge help for everyone. I do have a couple questions: 1. Since I'm doing this to replace the neutered Receiver Extension with a new one that works with the C-Stock as designed, and I presume I'm going to have to buy that new Extension as an already-assembled complete assembly, do I have to disassemble the interior of that new assembly before installing it, or can I just screw it in and start with the "Timing" of the Receiver Extension? (I understand your reasoning for disassembling the old one before applying heat). 2. When you use t
  3. Thanks again for the awesome detailed answer. Thanks for the time and effort.
  4. I'm attempting to comply with 922r, and part of that is educating myself on triggers. Maybe you guys can help me. 1. Geissele: It appears it doesn't matter how good this one is, as they don't maker them anymore? 2. Briley: As always, the website sounds great, but like the others, I know nothing about them. I'm a noob. I did observe that they require you to send in the trigger group, and they do the install. Not sure if this is good or bad? 3. benelliparts.net: I'm curious who actually manufactures their triggers. Is it the same people making triggers for FFT, or does
  5. Thanks so much. I have the California version of the M1014. Although it looks like it has a C-Stock, and the Butt itself is genuine, the Recoil Tube does not have any detents at all, and will not function in any way as part of a C-Stock. I'm wondering if I need to replace the entire Recoil Tube Assembly, or can I just get the Tube, and move over the Spring and other interior parts? On the Midwest site you referenced above, it appears that Product Code 70043 is the entire assembly, while Product Code 70130 is just the Tube? I'm surprised at the minor price difference between the two...
  6. Thanks so much for responding. It'll be great to get back to normal. Other than benelliparts.net, are there a lot of places to buy this thing?
  7. Hey Guys! I've been waiting a while to hear from Antoine at benelliparts.net, about getting an M4 3-position recoil tube. They're out of stock, and Antione is not currently returning phone calls, which he previously did in a very timely fashion. He seems like he's very attentive to his customers, so I'm a little concerned about his failure to get back to me. Does anyone know if there's a problem over there, other than the current craziness with the virus response? Also, does anyone have any ideas on where I can currently get a Factory Benelli M4 3-position Recoil Tube Assembly?
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