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  1. I'm at a point where money is the least of my worries or problems, so .... win for me.
  2. And sold....in spite of the arsewhole here who tried to crap on my sales thread. Suck it. LOL
  3. I've decided to go a different direction with semi-auto shotguns and so am putting my Benelli M4 up for sale. It has less than 300 rounds through it. It has performed flawlessly with everything from heavy target loads, up to every kind of heavy 00 Buck and slug loads I've run through it. It was made in 2018. It comes with the complete Asgard rail system with side saddle shell carrier. It comes with the full length magazine tube and Collapsible stock. I also added an larger charging handle, titanium. Total value if purchased new with rail system: $2600. Will ship to any
  4. Use the lowest mount you can find. I use an ADM. Works great.
  5. Dude...your post and your situation makes no sense. My diagnosis? Operator error.
  6. Nice. Anyone thinking ANY handgun is enough for bear defense is a fuckin idiot. Shotgun. Slug. 'nuff said.
  7. Centuriator

    Another M4

    I pulled the trigger on the M4 Tactical Entry with the 14" barrel because...I can. Now the long wait begins....I hope by next May or June? Maybe? I might be able to start using it. Have NFA wait times become any better? Anyone else have an M4 Tactical Entry?
  8. The shoulder is feeling great. I used a bean bag type shooting rest and braced the shotgun against it, particularly through the 80 slugs. Good choice. Wide masking tape to cover up holes...that seems easier then putting up new targets. I can afford to put up as many fresh targets as I want, but it takes time. Thanks.
  9. FIRST, thanks to the folks posting helpful comments on my first post about this. After a somewhat mixed results after my first outing with the M4, I got it out again today and put 80 high power slugs through it and 100 maximum power 00 Buck. After that, it blew through 3 dram target loads, with no problems. Low recoil Federal LEO? Nope, still choking on it. But...I am ok with the results and will just stick with what is working. More details. After the first outing I field stripped it and literally drowned everything I could in oil. It was, to say the least, well lubricated.
  10. So...got it all properly lubed up and checked out and took it out to my gun club for the first time. I had two purposes today: shoot it for the first time and hopefully break it in a bit so I can shoot target load through it, and perhaps even more importantly, I wanted to try out Federal Premium Tactical loads with the Flite Control wads. I should mention that I have extensive experience with shotguns and with the M4 in particular, so I know it is not me, that is, not properly mounting it, and it ran perfectly with slugs and the higher power buck...but... read on. I bought three di
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