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  1. Do you guys think that calls should sound more high pitched out of the call than geese sound at a distance?
  2. Thats great bands are always fun. I saw a group of geese chillin in the grass at the mall yesterday, two of them had bands
  3. Thanks I'm going to check out all of those websites.
  4. Tucker nice shoot man, Earlier this season we had a group in where we hunt 10 guys shot one that day, It was a great pic
  5. Which companies do re dipping for camo shotguns? Is it just Benelli? If so will Benelli re-dip other companies shotguns? Also can you have a wood gun dipped in camo? My friend has a Beretta AL 391 and its wood stock but feels very syntheticy. And just out of curisoty how does the re-dipping process work? Like how do they get the pattern. My guess would be multiple dips in different color with taping off patterns.
  6. Just picked up a Bill Saunders Refuge Series HP Canada Honker call. Havent used it out hunting yet but i can say im very pleased with how it sounds. It'll be a good mix up with the big river game call that has a lower sound
  7. Its been froze tight here in nevada.About a week and a half of straight -15 and snowingweather. Kinda a slow season overall. Hoping for it to open back up or melt the snow to start slaying some geese in the feilds
  8. Is there any "high-tech" goose calls that are easy to use that sound more realistic than my $30 (i guess its polycarbonate) 9 inch call? Or would i be better off becoming a better caller with a cheaper one?
  9. What choke tubes would you recommend if i like the way a improved 1st shot mod 2nd shot shoots? Edit: It doesnt appear they make those chokes for the citori unless they run the invector plus barells
  10. I just started using the black cloud in my browning citori and i really like it. Im saving up for a SBE II but ive heard mixed reviews about the black cloud with that gun. Anything from consistent jams to overly dirty barells to a great load&gun combo. Do any of you have any input? Also i take really good care of all my guns and clean them throughly after every hunt.
  11. I have a benelli that is a 20ga semi auto. Im not sure of the model but i know it was bought around 1993. It works great but i was wondering if there was a way to convert it to a 12ga. New to the forums- Huntandride
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