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  1. I am getting a Gobblin Thunder for my SBEII and would like to know what constriction you recommend. I will be shooting Winchester Supreme Elite (Extended Range) #5's and Winchester Supreme #5's.
  2. Well after alot of research and reading I decided to get the SBE II over the SX3. I absolutely love this gun. I had it completely tore down and back together last night in a matter of minutes. Shot it today and I am overly impressed. I found some camo SX3's and almost bought one but after tax they were just $100 cheaper than the SBE II. I signed up for the BassPro credit card and got 10% off the SBE II. I am sure I would have been very happy with the SX3 but for just a hundred bucks, I was getting the Benelli. Thanks everyone for your help.
  3. Thank you so much for all your replies. So for strictly turkey, dove and some clays, the Benelli SBE II is not the best option? How hard is it to clean the gas guns, like the SX3?
  4. Thank you very much. I have never held the Silver or SX3. There is a gun show in Tenn today, so hopefully I can shoulder all three. The SX3 would be my next choice followed by the Silver. I just hope they have the SBE II and SX3 in 24" barrel models. I might just get a glock with the money saved from the SX3, if I decide to go that route. The only thing that steers me away from the SX3 is the gas system, I am a stickler about cleaning and the inertia system seems so easy to clean.
  5. An SBE II is the shotgun I have been wanting for a while. Well I finally got the money to buy one and I have done all the research, all I have to do is pull the trigger. My only other options are the Browning Silver and Winchester SX3. This will be a turkey hunting gun with clays and dove thrown in the mix. I am already on the Benelli side, I just need you guys to push me a little more.
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