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  1. ... ditto that ... http://www.nitrocompany.com/pattern.htm#recommended shells
  2. Thanks mudhen - I'm going to pick one up & give it a try on my slates ...
  3. Congrats on the fine gobbler ... Would be very interested to hear more about "that striker" you're using ...
  4. Yep'r ... those Lights Out Custom "Honey Pot" slates will surely get the job done ... Here's a couple of pics of my Lights Out Persimmon "Honey Pot" Slate & Persimmon Striker, with the results of yesterday afternoon's cluckin'n'purrin' session. I was set-up about 70 yards off of a clover field & the "Honey Pot" drug him right on in to the SBE II ... 28 yards & Lights Out !!! Lights Out Custom Calls & Benelli ... a deadly duo !
  5. At the suggestion of another forum member, I contacted Benelli Customer Service this morning ... I explained the problem with my SBE II LH forearm noise & fit, confirmed that all the forearm washers & spring washers were indeed there, & gave him the serial # of my gun ... He immediately asked for the finish of the gun, took my personal mailing info, & is promptly sending me a new replacement forearm today. When I asked if he would be sending something for me to ship the original forearm back to Benelli, his response was "not at this time - if at all" ... His primary
  6. I tried one of the Comp-N-Choke XX Full tubes on my SBE LH last season - it was OK ... But I settled on a Rhino .660 tube & the Nitro H51013A loads - the Nitro loads & Rhino tube are a great combo for my SBE. I use Nitro & Rhino on my SBE II also ... hth
  7. Congrats on the fine Tom ... & I'm also a big fan of the "sound of slate" myself. I picked up 4 of the Lights Out "Honey Pot" calls for this season - slate, glass, aluminum, & copper surfaces ... I hope you like your new slate from him ... Wendell does some very fine work & turns a great sounding pot call.
  8. Thanks for the reply & the diagram ... glad to hear it's "not normal" & therefore should be able to be corrected. It's been pretty aggravating, especially on a gun of this quality - in or out of the woods ... thanks again.
  9. The foregrip on my new SBE II LH has a little too much side-to-side play in it (for my liking anyway) & as a result is capable of making a popping type noise from the foregrip at the wrong times – as in - picking up & shouldering the gun during a turkey hunt. I've disassembled & reassembled the foregrip & cap to where I'm pretty frustrated with it. Seems like it's seated correctly, the end cap is tight, & it appears to be a fit tolerance issue with the foregrip itself ... Is this normal for the SBE IIs (as my SBE LH doesn't have this issue), & is there a remedy /
  10. ... well I decided not to mess with my SBE LH, so I got a new SBE II LH which of course is factory drilled & tapped. I mounted the Aimpoint on the II, took it out to sight in & "wow" - I really do like the scope ... Shooting with both eyes open is really nice, & on the ground or in the air, doesn't matter ... very quick on the target. ... as soon as the Nitros for the II get here, I'll do a final pattern & I'm in the woods in 7 days ... Good luck to all this season ... "gobble-gobble"
  11. After looking through the Benelli Manual for my new SBE II LH, I found the following : WARNING: due to precision machine tolerances on your shotgun, some breaking-in period may be required before your new gun works perfectly with light target loads. If you experience any initial functioning problems, we recommend firing three or four boxes of standard hunting loads to allow for this break-in period. This SBE II will be "primarily" used as my new turkey gun, & I will be shooting Nitro 3 1/2" Hevi-Shot loads with it. My question is ... what size / type of shot shell is Benelli
  12. Just received my new SBE II LH in the APG HD & am looking for the same ... a high quality, functional "non-slipping" sling for Turkey Hunting. Glad to see the post about the Quake Hush Stalker II swivel not fitting the SBE IIs cap ... that's unfortunate, as I have been seriously looking at the Claw & the Claw Contour slings. Quake offers their Hush Stalker II Swivels in 1" & 1 1/4" sizes & I wonder which size comes standard on their slings - does anyone know ?? I'll probably give the Claw Contour a try & just change out the front swivel if need be. I ordered
  13. I've never used a scope on my SBE, but I will be mounting an Aimpoint 9000SC on it for this season ... ... not sure if I'm going to like it or not, but I'm going to give it a try ...
  14. ... thanks for the link - I'll be ordering one of his slates today.
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