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  1. tdaniel377

    No Luck In Wv

    I saw two gobblers close by this afternoon as I was coming in from work in the middle of a pasture field all strutted out!BUT,turkey season ended here last weekend!
  2. tdaniel377

    M2 Recoil Pad Problems still exist

    I know that you shouldnt have to do anything to repair it,but if you really like the gun,why don't you replace the factory pad with a limbsaver pad?They have a model that might possibly fit.It is the #10402 pad.It has a plastic bracket designed to fit inside the stock then you screw the pad to the bracket.It is made for the SBE synthetic stock,so I am not real sure it will be an exact fit.But it is a possible fix to your problem and may be better in the long run if you really like your gun!Hope this helps ya!
  3. tdaniel377

    craziest thing

    Turkey loads aren't just for turkeys anymore!The secondary name would be fox load!
  4. tdaniel377

    Gobbler down with my new Super Nova

    Congrats to ya ,that is a great bird and a great pic also.You have christened your Supernova into the world of turkey hunting,lol.Since that is a magazine quality pic,maybe we will be reading your story in T&TH?lol:rolleyes:
  5. tdaniel377

    Limbsaver on Steadygrip

    I fanagled one in place,I posted a pic on here somewhere where I fitted a limbsaver to my Steadygrip Supernova.I can put it on this thread also.I used a plastic adapter from another limbsaver that fits the SBEII synthetic stock.I had to fit it to my Steadygrip,then I fitted a limbsaver for another gun to my stock.There is a lil more to it but here are the results!
  6. tdaniel377

    My 1st bird this year

    Great bird Chris,congrats to ya!
  7. tdaniel377

    Wrong shotgun

    If you know who the hunters were on the hunts,why dont you try calling them and asking them if they still have the factory box for their gun,and check the serial number from the box!
  8. tdaniel377

    need some advice

    If you go to the Stoeger forum,someone there might be able to help you out!
  9. tdaniel377

    Interesting Product

    I would think if you have the bed against a wall,the mount would be between the bed and the wall. FWIW,when I was a kid I was taught not to go snooping in my parents bedroom,as I was taught that guns werent toys to play with,and if it wasnt mine I wasnt to be touching anything that didnt belong to me.
  10. tdaniel377

    New Supernova ordered!

    Only use oil on the bare metal parts,do not use it anywhere it is film dipped,some oils will soften the camo.Use only soap and water,very lil soap at that.water will do most cleaning you need to do to the outside!
  11. tdaniel377

    Sbe Ii Sling Swivels

    Have you tried the Hushstalkerll swivels by Quake Industries?They are some sort of polymer so they shouldnt bother the metal cap and are quiet. If that doesnt work,there is a new adaptor made called a Swiftach Buckle Adaptor.It acts as a swivel stud,it goes on between your magazine cap and the barrel post,you just unscrew the mag cap,put the adaptor on and screw the cap back on.It should work on any shotgun with a screw off mag cap.I found them at midwestturkeycall.com.Hope that helps ya!
  12. tdaniel377

    What's your favorite camo pattern?

    I wear the Obsession,but it is almost getting hard to find here,most stores sell it as fast as they can get it.It is a very close match to the Realtree APG,but the Obsession has more green in it.I posted a pic in another thread of my shirt in Obsession with my Supernova camo'ed with Realtree APG laying on it.You can see a lot of resemblance!
  13. tdaniel377

    Supernova Steadygrip and some patterns

    Well the Hevi load certainly is better but you gotta be really careful when shooting at a turkey close up with a tight pattern like that.In a sense the XR would almost be better closer up because of the wider pattern.You give up something to get something.Either load patterns plenty good enough to kill a turkey.
  14. tdaniel377

    Supernova Steadygrip and some patterns

    Just one more pic for you!
  15. tdaniel377

    Supernova Steadygrip and some patterns

    here are a couple more!