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  1. boo

    for mudhen

    Thanks mudhen for the reply I`ll work on it with the shims somemore,boo
  2. boo

    for mudhen

    What I wanted to know is you said something in your posts about using your B&C shim or C&A shim for the right POI on your Beneelli.Just wanted to know how you do this to make it work right.My SBE11 shoots high with the B shim and too low with the C shim I thought you my be able to help with POI on my Benelli.Thanks for any help on this matter,Boo
  3. I thought my SBE11 is made for shooting 2-3/4,3,3-1/2 shells but I could be wrong.Inertia is inertia no matter what gun you have it in.I will still go to the trap range with my SBE11 and do ok even if it`s just for Turkey,duck and goose.
  4. If Inertia guns are not made for light trap and light field loads then what is Tom Knapp shooting at clays, Mags or 3". And also you see him shooting at clays with the gun out away from his shoulder and up side down and all with Benelli enertia guns.I`m just wondering why other Benelli`s seem to have a problem with the enertia thing and light loads.My SBE11 for the most part will handle all loads light or other wise and I had to work a couple of bugs out but Benelli C/S and repair was great about that and took care of me.Just my 2 cents.
  5. I just sent my sbe 11 back for the same reason the spent shell would get hung up half way out.I think it could be the ejector or spring also it would sometimes eject the 2ad live round on the ground when I shot the first.Benelli will take care of any problem you might have you will have to send the gun back to them for repair.
  6. mudhen,just wanted to know about the C shim with the shaved A shim how and what that is all about.My SBE11 shoots high and to the left at 35 to 40 yards will the C and A shim deal work to improve the POA.Thanks boo
  7. sdkidaho,where did you get that dog in the picture he is something like what I`m thinking about .Nice looking dog I like the coloring on him,Thanks Boo
  8. boo


    Yes Everon-metal did not renew there contract with Remington.As far as Hevi 13 I shot a turkey last year at 65 yards with #6s Hevi 13 with Briley IM in my 12 ga SBE11.I think that Hevi 13 is great for turkey and waterfowl.If you go to Everon-Metal web site (Hevi-shot) you will see that they are comming out with some great load for this year.The only thing is you have to buy it on line or in stores where the carry it.I don`t see why a 20ga won`t work on the turkeys as I have used a 20 in the past.Good hunting and be safe.
  9. My SBE11 is not drilled got it from gander MTN.
  10. I love mine had great results and would not trade it for anything.Had a couple of bugs to work out but it worth it.It`s a good all round gun to have and lighter than most other guns out there.
  11. boo


    I used hevi-13 last year on turkey and had supper results useing it.I shot a turkey at 65 yards(measured off) using hevi-13 6s and droped him stone dead. I used LT Mod by Briley in my SBE11.I`m on the Hevi-shot web site with my turkey from last year.You should give it a try I think you will be glad you did.It patterns great at 40 yards with 6s and 4s and I can say even farther if you need it.Good hunting and be safe,Boo
  12. Congrats on your good luck with the SBE11 it looks like you have 2 good buddys now.Thanks for sharing the picturs with us.Hunt safe,Boo
  13. It was my understanding that the SBE11 has a stainless system in them.
  14. boo

    SBE 11 Parts

  15. boo

    SBE 11 Parts

    It`s to bad that a company should not give you the support you would think you should get.I think that sucks that Benelli can`t even return your phone calls or your e-mail.I don`t think that my next gun is going to be a Benelli.I and everyone needs a company that they can get ahold of with a problem or support.Don`t get me wrong I love my SBE11 but it`s the service that is just not good at all.
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