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  1. The Cabelo's store replaced the gun, changed the stock and scope no charge excellent excellent customer service.
  2. Nobody says get rid of it and buya Browning, Rem or Winchester. I thought this would be an ideal turkey gub with pistol grip stock and a good gun for crows grouse etc with the regular stock and 2 3/4 shells
  3. The 2 3/4 shells were 1 1/8 shot N0#8 3 1/4 Drams powder
  4. I just purchased a new Benelli last week mounted a Nikon scope fired around 60 rounds through it and it still won't cycle 2 3/4 shells. 3 1/2 mags work ok. Benelli customer service says it takes 200 rounds to break gun in? Anyone got experiece with this gun. I purchased from Cabela's they will take it back within 30 days or exchange it for another Benelli. What other gun would you recommend? Should I keep it? Exchane it for another SBEII? Buy a different manufacture?
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