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  1. thats a great boat i got a 27 horsepower pro-drive its awesome but i never hunted out of it
  2. wow! that ****ing pisses me off screw the **** people that did that i shoud shoot them and ask them how it feels
  3. ducks are freakin awesome we just make a stew or gumbo
  4. well i don't think these guns kick at all so i am going to get one soon
  5. well i shot my friends today and the recoil was less than my 20 nova pump and the camo wasn't that bad at all and it was a year old i will definately be purchasing one soon
  6. whats the deal with the camo on these guns i been hearing about is it better to get this gun in synthetic black?
  7. so whats all the talk about the camo on these guns
  8. so how is the recoil with the new recoil reduction system?
  9. what do yall think about the super black eagle 2s? are they any good?
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