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  1. gsp4me


    Did remington drop hevi-shot? Anybody try hevi-13? Looking for something for my m1 20g and want premium shells for turkey. Also just got the gun back from waranty work at benelli. It now unloads easily from below.But why would they replace recoil spring to a 60691 medium?
  2. Is .627 on m1 20 gauge overbored?
  3. Is benelli cl ***** the same as skeet ? Is there any constiction? Where can i find choke and barrel spec`s for m1 20 gauge?
  4. I have m1 20g and only got that method to work a couple times [very hard on finger].Page 38&40 in manual and would be great if it worked.
  5. gsp4me

    Turkey Loads

    Can I use any choke with hevi-shot? I am sold on it and going to use it this season in m1 20 gauge. I called and it was okayed in all invector plus chokes. After tests it was just as tight in mod as in turkey. What is Benelli`s position on hevi-shot? Not backbored make a diff?
  6. gsp4me

    m1 20 gauge

    I bought an m1 20 gauge and have a couple questions.The recoil pad is sticky any fixs or screw on replacements? Unloading gun by pressing retaining lever is near imposible.
  7. Looking in to buying a 24" HD camo 2005 for $900. Wanted to know if there would be any changes for 06 model. Time to shed some pounds, 7.25 pound citori is getting heavy. Did anyone ever scale a 24" m1?
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