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  1. Depending on how you pattern, you might not be too far off. I pattern to see pellets in the brain and spine, meat shots dont count, and I pattern at an honest 40 yards, +/- 2 inches. Im shooting a Trulock 660 non ported in my SBE II, the best I have so far is 9 pellets from a Winchester 3 1/2 2oz copper #6 Supreme's. Check your POI. Start at 15, 20, 30, and 40 yards. Work your way back. I have come to understand those TV Miracle 65 yards shots are BS, not realistic, and unethical.
  2. ooops the title should have said Mudhen. I was drinkin, sorry-
  3. Mudhen and others: Have you had any success with hand load turkey loads? Im shooting a SBE II with a trulock .660. Ive tried Hevi13 #6's, Remington #6's and the winchester #6's all in 3 1/2 and one 3" Remington for load aspects but not been overly impressed with anything. Hevi 13 got me 8 pellets in the neck vitals, winchester 5, and all others 4 pellets and an honest 40 yards. Ive got 15 pounds of nickel plated 6 and buffer, and 3 1/2 inch hulls from goose season but wondering if its worth the time and effort.
  4. Ive got a black matte finish. Thats the only thing I dont like about my SBEII. It does rust if not well oiled. I use 15W-40:D, and regularly. When it gets more worn, ill get it dipped. In the mean time I like the evil black shotgun.
  5. I bought one for my SBE II, took some adjusting to get it to work right. I think there were some gaps between the extension tube and the normal tube. Once I got it working, works great. Matte black finish longevity is something to be desired. Also on mine, the ext tube sticks out passed the end of the barrel about 1/2". Its getting blasted by hot gas after every shot so dont mind a little marring. I used it on early resident goose season in MD. DNR picked a fight about it but I had all no tox shot and logged in for geese so.
  6. Ok here we go. Whats the lightest (reloaded) ammo anyone has shot out of a SBE II. Because of the cost of lead, I'm downsizing from 1 1/8oz sporting clay loads (STS Shells) to 7/8oz if possible, or 1 oz worse case. I figure because of the reduced payload weight, Im gonna have to pump up the velocity and hope she still cycles. The only thing I got going for me is at least 10k worth of shells wear in my gun over the past 2 years so shes loose like a prom date
  7. I use a slug gun to shoot snapping turtles in the summer
  8. Got one. Works like any other choke, nothing impressive
  9. Doves? You barely got a dove season? Your kidding right. I use those for duck hunting practices...
  10. Yeah, Public Land is every hunter for himself.
  11. I found a nice "honey" hole on public hunting land few know about, and fewer are willing to make the 2.6 mile trek in on foot. I got 2 last season "late" on the pond. Didnt seem to make a difference the next day and so on. I hope all are enacted. We will see. Tuck you in VA?
  12. The MD DNR website is currently showing the new 07-08 rules for goose hunting in early season. 8 per day, shooting times extended to 1/2 hour after sunset, and unplugged guns. I have a extension tube that will let my gun hold 11 2 3/4 shells. Sounds like MD wants us to lay down a barrage of anti goose fire. Any other states doing the same??? I think more than the unplugged guns, and the extended shooting limits, the 1/2 hour after sunset shooting times will make a whole world of difference.
  13. I beg to differ;) Dead is dead, be it by shotgun or rifle. It'll be .223 time in the fall. Save the SBE II for the geese:)
  14. Looks like you wounded his leg with that DC Shot Must have bled to death.
  15. Break down and get a red dot. Mounts to a Weaver 93 base. Use blue loctite. No regrets. 5 Turkeys might have regrets.
  16. I did some testing just for sh!ts and giggles. Out of my SBE II with 3 1/2 Federal Copper + buffered plated OO buck, and a mod choke gave me the best results out to 40 yards. But for hunting of small helpless animals, I use 2 3/4 remington OO buck out of a turkey choke. Talk about TIGHT groups
  17. You guys get to hunt in the afternoon?? BOOOOO
  18. Mudhen is a "Senior Member" he hopes hes around in 16 years......
  19. Does anyone know the specs on the weaver base screws that hold the weaver 93a base on a SBE II? I lost all 4 on the SC course the other day, and need some more for turkey duty.
  20. Paid 155 from Cabelas a few weeks ago My comfortec spoiled me, the pistol grip doesn't have any give.
  21. What choke does everyone use for trick shooting? Ive been working on the 10 clay in one toss trick. Im up to 6 for 10 but, Im getting too much spray from that on. Anyone know what choke the pros use? Im using IC now but Mod seems to be too tight.
  22. I had it occur once when I used 2 1/2" shells or even below that (Roll Crimps) with LIGHT powder loads, but for a Pheseant Load, no clue.
  23. I got no actual proof for this but I think that the recoil feels softer when shooting 3 1/2s if you load another shell in the mag so when you shoot your pattern shell the next is loaded. I personally think that the feeling of the bolt slamming back and locking back transmits more felt recoil than when the bolt moves forward and loads the next. Like I said no proof but it seems to help. Maybe its all mental.
  24. Theoretically, If I took a SBE II added a 9 shot ammo tube extension, and a pistol grip stock from Benelli to my SBE II, would it then be classified as a assault weapon, like the M4's are? And yes the ammo extension tube would be from Sure Cycle so it would be an American component.
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