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  1. Good deal, I wasn't too worried. Mudhen are you coming to missouri this year to turkey hunt?
  2. Wow its been forever since I posted on here. Still visit form time to time, I hope evertbody is doin good. I have had my SBE II for 13 months and am extremelly happy with it. The gun has handled everything I have thrown at at flawlessly. The point of this thread is to ask you guys if you have experienced any wear on the inside edge of the bottom of the ejection port. On my gun in between where it is stamped BENELLI-ITALY and SUPER BLACK EAGLE II there has been a groove worn into the inside edge of the lower receiver. I'm sure it is from the empties brass catching it on the way out. I wa
  3. Wow dude I think you are missing the point of turkey hunting. It's about scouting an area, setting up, and calling a bird inside 30 yards. I'm sorry, putting a "pill" in a gobblers head at 100 is not turkey hunting. It is ridiculous to say that a turkey hunting is easy. But hey we agree on the ducks part though
  4. Two days ago I was on my way home from a morning of duck hunting when I fell asleep, went off the road and rolled my truck. My truck is beyond destroyed but most of my hunting equipment including the jon boat in the bed of the truck were relatively undamaged. I wanted to post this because I want you guys to know that it can happen. I have driven tired a million times after hunting and I never thought something like this could of ever happened to me. Then bang it did. Be careful out there and if you are tired stop and take a power nap or something. It took a split second for it to happen.
  5. shoot em in the lips, atta boy!
  6. Stick N Tone.... they are a bit sensitive about sticking. I have a black acrylic and a cocobolo original and the first year of hunting with one I stuck it all the time. Once I learned how to not spit into the call I loved them and now blow exclusively RNT. Customer service is awesome as well so good luck with the purchase. [ 10-05-2006, 06:24 PM: Message edited by: MOFOWLER ]


    one has one reed and the other has two....just joking. A single reed typically will give you a little wider range of sounds you can produce with the call. They are the calls that make that ringing hail i'm sure you have heard and still get the low end too. Single reeds are more difficult to make sound good imo though. Doubles are usually a little more user friendly. Doubles are never going to get the volume a single reed will but to me they are much more ducky. That being said I own 2 single reed calls and like 7 or 8 doubles. The kind of hunting I do does not require me to have a loud top
  8. Sounds like a pretty descent shoot. Can't kill em down here for another month. What's up with wackin 3 hens though?


    Drylok 3 in. 1 1/4 oz. 2's are my favorite. I like BB's for geese. Pretty standard stuff
  10. Exactly, thats why I am a fan. Every year MMA is going to get bigger and bigger, which is fine b/c i believe these athletes deserve to be well known. I just hope it doesn't turn into a money circus like every other professional sport. I kinda miss the days when it was considered still "underground" and not as popular. But yes The fighters, especially the less known under card guys deserve to make more per fight. Last UFC some guys only took home 2 grand for their fight. Thats's ridiculous IMO. OH well, have a good memorial day [ 05-29-2006, 01:14 PM: Message edited by: MOFOWLER ]
  11. Whoa Whoa Whoa, I was meaning it made me sick how underpaid they are. They deserve to make much more than they do
  12. Exactly what I thought would happen, happened. Can't believe he survived the arm bar attempt. Hughes leaked what Gracie was making on an interview with MMA weekly. They usually will post the fighter payouts in like a week or so. YOu can see it on sherdog.com. When you see what the fighters are making it will make you sick. Most of the undercard guys will make very little.
  13. When St. Pierre beat Penn he earned his chance to fight for the belt. Hughes and St. Pierre are going to fight in October. Should be Very interesting, remember Hughes arm barred Georges last time. I predict St. Pierre to beat matt in the re match, which is fine with me b/c he is a freaking stud. Who knows about penn, I think he is going to have to work his way back through the system which he should easily do. I read an article that Royce is going to make 1.3 million for the fight tonight. Biggest payday given to a UFC fighter. HUghes will probably make 250K.
  14. Penn is a stud, shocked me when I watched it happened. I would love to see the re match but of course it won't happen b/c Penn lost to St. Pierre. Saturday night I just don't see matt giving up his back and getting rear naked choked. I think he is just too strong and has unbelievable wrestling skills that will keep him out of trouble. Royce dominated early in the sport b/c he was much smarter than the brawlers he faced. Gracie Jiu Jitsu is nothing new to todays's fighters. I have all the respect in the world for Royce, the guy is a freking animal b/c back then he would fight multiple time
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