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  1. duckhunt


    will this limbsaver pad work on my supernova? here is a link to the pad http://www.ableammo.com/catalog/product_info.php?cPath=9313_10349_10373&products_id=91794&osCsid=970daf499f329445c8dcf09712e8f99a it says it fits nova and sbe 2. i just want to make sure it will deffinately fit my supernova before i go ahead and buy it. oh and it will it help on recoil more than one of the benelli comfortech gel pads? i basically want to reduce recoil without spending a whole lot of money. thanks in advance for your help.
  2. duckhunt


    thanks tucker. and you are right about the camo. ive hunted with my dad every since i was walking the fields for pheasant carrying a bb gun. (my dad let me carry the bb gun to let me feel like i was a tough hunter). i have hunted deer mainly since i was 10 when i shot my first white-tail buck which was a little 6 pointer. the last deer i shot being a nice 10 point buck that is hanging in my shop has nice height, is outside his ears, and has just almost a perfect shape on both sides. everytime i have ever gone hunting i have never worn camo or anything. i have worn jeans and just basical
  3. duckhunt


    tucker yes your probably right. ive just always done what my dad said to do and he doesnt ever get with technology. he still wants to live back in the day where remington 870 was the best thing out there. yes 870 are still a dang good gun and i own one but he doesnt even give any other guns a chance. i bring home my benelli supernova and my beretta xtrema and my dad sees the camo and he is like what the **** is that. then tells me to get a real gun and i just smile and walk away. pisses me off.
  4. duckhunt


    rjk, yes your exactly right i know better than to lube my gun up internally with the stuff. ive just always been told to prevent rust on the barrel and reciever to spray a light coat of wd-40 and wipe it down so that the finger prints and anything else get wiped off to prevent rusting. i just bought 2 camo guns and that is why i wanted to ask you guys is cause i didnt really know what to use and i didnt want to use wd-40 if it had potential in stripping the camo. from now on ill get some camo cleaner stuff or something to use.
  5. duckhunt


    tucker, i know your giving your opinion and yes i did ask for it. you just said it has no place around firearms and i was just telling you that from what i have seen growing up it does keep blued areas on a gun from rusting. i do appreciate all of you guys opinions though. im sure that wd-40 probably isnt as good now days as the specialized cleaners. i just wanted to let you know on a blued barrel gun i know the stuff works. but now im gonna get some actual gun cleaner haha. its time to stop living back in my dads day by what he tells me.
  6. duckhunt


    i dont spray it on the inside of the gun only on the blued areas of guns. i have never seen wd-40 cause a problem and my dad has used it since before i was born and seeing his guns and the great condition they are in lets me know that wd-40 isnt bad for your guns.
  7. duckhunt


    well my dad use to shoot trap like crazy and he even won the texas state shoot a long time ago and he has a remington 870 wingmaster that he shoots for trap that he has had since he started and he uses wd-40 on it everytime he gets done shooting it and i swear that gun looks brand new and the blued barrel and reciever are perfect and my dad use to sell guns and he is probably the most knowledgeable person i know when it comes to guns. he uses wd-40 and i have seen it work.
  8. duckhunt


    my dad wipes his guns down with wd-40 and i was wondering if this its ok to wipe my supernova with max 4 camo down with it also. or if i even need to wipe the barrel down. im just worried cause i dont want the camo to come off cause in some spots it looks kinda messed up and i even take extra good care of it too. if anyone can tell me how they wipe down their gun i'd appreciate it. thanks
  9. duckhunt

    pistol laws

    haha alright i guess ill make a trip down to talk to the cops.
  10. duckhunt

    pistol laws

    the main reason i would like to take one is just to practice with. when i go with my dad he always take is 357 colt python and shoots coyotes or if one of shoots a deer and its just wounded then he just shoots it again with it. i do more deer hunting than anything. it just seems like everywhere i go to find information on the internet seems to hint around. in a matter like this a want to make 100% sure that its legal because i really respect the laws and i really dont want to go to jail.
  11. duckhunt

    pistol laws

    i live in texas and i am 18. i was wondering if i could legally take a pistol to my hunting lease or to a range. i read signs at gun stores that say you must be 21 to buy handguns and handgun ammunition and i was wondering if you had to be 21 to posses a handgun too. i stopped and asked a police officer today and he made it sound like i could posses one as long as im headed to a hunting ground or to a range. my grandpa has a smith and wesson .38 special and i wanted to buy it from him to take with me hunting for coyotes and bobcats. any information would be greatly appreciated. i know th
  12. haha. thanks for the info tucker. i will remember to bring some corn with me when duck season starts haha.
  13. what is a good duck or goose call? I would appreciate some good duck and goose call information.
  14. duckhunt


    whats shells are good for all around waterfowling. im new to waterfowl hunting so i would appreciate some info.
  15. duckhunt


    thanks i appreciate your information. i just went and bought a supernova in max 4 camo and its a good gun. i know what you mean about the trigger. my dad thinks its a piece of crap but i like it. my berettas trigger is simular so i guess ill just have to get use to pulling the trigger more.
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