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  1. Su-27

    crazy times/pic

    What are those? Mossys? I once put a PG like that lower one on a Winchester Model 1200. I removed it immediately upon returning from shooting a half dozen rounds thru it configured in such a manner. Not only was it incredibly difficult to hit the broad side of a barn with such a PG, it had to be the most painful experience I've ever endured while shooting. A buddy shot it once, and he handed it back to me saying, "That's enough torture for me!" I did saw off an extra Model 12 stock I have for my Model 12, and with more of a bird's head type PG it's not nearly as painful and is quite manag
  2. What's peculiar is that directly after I registered this new username I started this thread and immediately got a msg back saying that my post would have to be approved by a mod before it would appear on the forum. The next day it appeared. Another big WTF?
  3. See that triangle with the exclamation point in the lower left corner of every post? Click on that and you can send a msg directly to the mods regarding that particular post. A spammer appeared on a thread and I send an alert via that link to the mods with the single word 'spam' - just like I've done dozens of times before. A great big WTF.
  4. And you're the one who started a thread whining about the "flood of spammers" - http://www.benelliusa.com/forum/showthread.php/27474-I-m-Just-About-Done-With-This-Place Gawd I love irony. lol
  5. Hey y'all, I'm the poster *formerly* known as Sukhoi_fan. I sent an alert to the admin/mods regarding a spammer on this forum yesterday and this AM find that 'Sukhoi_fan' has been banned forever from this forum. Someone is *apparently* suffering from a rectal-cranial inversion. lol
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