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  1. if you are set on buying a Benelli and thats your priority then purchase one their autoloaders.. i have their nova pump and i've not been happy for a long time with ejection problems, firing problems etc..
  2. This year was either frozen on the rice fields with 6" of ice or 60F and the ice was still frozen! so not many people with this economy want to invest with those conditions. I have found a one day guided hunts are the most economical and way less preparation for you money. Of course im a local so i just throw some deeks in a local swamp and blast away.
  3. Well I fixed my benelli nova 12g. Bought the new firing pin n return spring for the bolt went in easy, and worked perfect on for sets of rounds. The world is ok again...
  4. two things you ought to know about nova ejection. You have to pull fast and hard on the fore end when pumping the gun, because the ejection is based on a spring that gives as you pull so need to pull hard and fast. Also make sure you have the ejection spring installed look at the manual, with the metal tab toward the front of the receiver. Good luck should work. If not go to brownells or egun and buy new ejector spring they are like $5 usually.
  5. mudman

    snap caps

    I think snap caps for your high end shotgun will be the best money ever spent. For around $12-35 you can use them after shooting to release firing pin and assure your hammer spring wont become weak and cause misfiring and factory rebuilding of your shotgun. TRUST ME!!!
  6. mudman

    Nova misfiring

    Went to amazon. and bought snap caps. I think they add longevity to all shotguns. I bought Azoom. Not real happy with the quality as they are just hard aluminum and hard plastic primer no spring action. But should help in future for $12 well worth it...
  7. Dont try to get help here. Look at my posts about the same problems i have with my Nova. Most people here just use the site for derrogatory comments and general bull.... Im sending mine back after duck season to Benelli for repairs.
  8. mudman

    Nova misfiring

    Lets define know nothing about a nova shotgun. I rebuilt the bolt with new firing pin and spring. Im not a gunsmith and will not take apart the trigger group. The last time i checked you shouldn't need to be a gunsmith to use a shotgun for hunting. You know when things work its all good. When they break its all bad. I missed alot of ducks this year due to this damn shotgun if the shoe was on the other foot you would be alot more understanding. I work hard for my money and expected this benelli nova to last more than 3 seasons with problems. i have friends with remington 870s that work good for 15 years come on ...
  9. mudman

    Nova misfiring

    oh ok, its like that novaking. First of all any gun can have malfunctions. That is why there are gunsmiths and actually gun parts. I have been duck hunting for 15yrs, and have a masters degree from college. I think im educated enough to know how to work a pump gun. Like i said all guns have parts ie. parts can break or wear. Sure if you store your gun in the closet and dont use it, it always works! I replaced the firing pin which was hammered flat and should fix the problem.
  10. how many years experience do you have duck hunting? What size and make of shotgun? How many years live in Clarksville?
  11. mudman

    Nova misfiring

    whats a p350? if you are saying a nova is a pos. i fully agree. I only had the gun for 3 seasons and wont buy another benelli not even a sbe2. It has destroyed my duck hunt season and i expected excellent reliability from a pump gun...
  12. Well now that im ready to go we have experienced negative freezing temperatures and most to all of the water in the area is frozen. Isn't that duck hunting you wish for cold weather to push more ducks and all **** freezes over. I've had really bad experiences with frozen water, and even if you break a hole most of the birds have left the area.. dadgummit!!!
  13. I've got a duck hunting hole on the Arkansas River around Clarksville, and am experimenting with starting a guide service. Would be willing to take out some people for free during this season. If live in the area and interested let me know.
  14. mudman

    Nova misfiring

    Thats the problem. I only hunt on weekends and cant really experiment much. Actually Im wondering if the sling bracket is interfering with the forearm when pumping in new shell? Going to try and better my shooting technique and bought new firing pin/spring off e guns to install. Like i said Benelli gave me RA but cant really send it in till end of season in 3 weeks. Or will have no hunting opportunities. Pain in the rear. Ive shot alot of rounds through it duck hunting and the rear pin is kinda flat going to see if the new one is better and install will post results.
  15. Bought a Nova 3 yrs ago. Been misfiring all this year on the second shot. I've heard if you hold down the trigger while pumping it the hammer will not set. Going to try that but I doubt it will work. Went to e guns. and bought new firing pin spring, firing pin as it seems these are the only parts benelli wants you to rebuild. Otherwise got a RA# but will have no back up gun and missing on a heck of a good duck hunting season, and plans to goose hunt in IL. Probably never buy another Benelli!!!
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