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  1. Thank you kind sir! I missed the post before this one, so sorry for the extra post...
  2. Thanks 4 the reply! Mine just shipped yesterday, so good to know it's on its way!
  3. Having just ordered a combo set that includes the Urbino Stock, Limbsaver buttpad and 6rd shell carrier, I am a bit skeptical whether I should even attempt to install them... Yikes!
  4. What does everyone recommend to use as a rust prevention oil or grease? I live in Michigan and typically want my firearms quite well, even if I haven't shot them often, but I'm getting a Benelli M4 and I like to always coat my barrels with something to prevent future issues.
  5. I think I am one of the lucky ones that managed to grab one of the stocks that was in that batch, but not a pre-order, so I paid $100 more than you paid probably, as I paid $516/shipped if I remember right. I haven't received a shipping confirmation yet, but I also haven't been waiting over 4 months like you have. Were the pre-orders $398? Just curious, cause the new price is up to $498 plus shipping now. Congrats on finally getting one, well soon anyways!
  6. I'll keep you in mind, as I may end up grabbing the Mesa just to compare, and if I like the Mesa better I'll PM you.
  7. I just paid $518/shipped for a collapsible stock, and it should be here soon, but MAN that's a lot of money!! I maybe should have just bought the Mesa Tactical stock, but for some reason I just HAD to have that "look" of the collapsible stock... I'm sure I will always be able to sell it if I end up regretting the purchase. Anyways, thanks for sharing your experience and I'm glad you got a new Benelli that's 100%! Cheers
  8. SO glad that they helped you like they should have in the first place! I have been lurking in this forum for about a month and I finally joined up today, and I also just purchased a Benelli M4 11707 because I just have been wanting one for ages, and because I waited I ended up spending $1999/shipped, but I'm sure I could have done worse, maybe... Lol I also bought the Benelli adjustable stock and a 2rd extension. I was watching this thread closely and wanted to hear back from you before I made my purchase, and now I'm glad I waited and I feel confident Benelli will take care of me if my uni
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