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  1. If a benelli m4 came with a civilian stock and a new owner wanted to install a benelli pistol grip stock instead , will additional parts be needed to for the switch ? Also , what about switching to a colapsable stock ?
  2. Welcome back ! Happy Thanksgiving .
  3. Thanks Mike. I was looking at The M2 today on line with the 24 in. barrel. Have to check one out in person. Bernie
  4. My friend got me interested in Trap ,so I'm looking to get either a semi or a pump to start out with. My friend suggested maybe a benelli M2 or a super nova field. What would you guys suggest that's not too expensive? Thanks for reading my post.
  5. My friend got me interested in shooting trap this last weekend ,so i'm thinking of getting a shotgun for trap . I used a mossberg pump to try Trap shooting ,it didn't have removal chokes . What would you guys suggest to start out with? I was thinking of either the benelli super nova or the Benelli M2 field.
  6. What brand of front sight did you replace the old one with? Did you go with the benelli night sights ?
  7. I'm waiting for production to start up again too.
  8. Very interesting , I never thought about an optic getting wet and what effect it would have on it. Thanks for the input.
  9. What mount are you using for the rx-30 ?
  10. How do the Copper slugs perform ? Are they more accurate and easier to clean the residue out of the barrel ? What company brands are out that make copper slug rounds ? Also , thanks Benelligunny for your post about the Hoppes Tornado brush. I'm going to get a couple to try out .
  11. The slugs were very accurate and the federal flite control buckshot 8 pellets was very accurate too. Used them in a shotgun class i took last summer.
  12. I 'm using Federal truball with modified choke and works pretty good.
  13. Can the AVA Tactical light mount work with a M4 that doesn't have the 7 round magazine tube ?
  14. Same here . Just want to make sure plastic and brass keep coming out reliably .
  15. Just looking for advice on what spare parts should be kept on hand ? Are any parts on the Benelli M4 prone to breaking just in regular use ? Thanks for reading my post.
  16. I've had no problems with mine so far. Just used some lawman 1300fps slugs over the weekend and had no issues. Break it in with the hot stuff and work your way down.
  17. What would happen if this new bill H.R. 2710 passes ? Would 922® rules still apply ?
  18. I looked at the Larue mount,it looks better made than the ADM mount. Will i have to change the Benelli rail that came on the shotty? I've read some comments that the stock rails are not the best quality.
  19. Thank you guys for all the suggestions. I think i may try the Aimpoint first. A friend has one that i can borrow,Just have to get a mount for it . May try American Defense MFG .
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