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  1. There've been some on GB but the prices were about $1000
  2. Wrap your guns in VCI paper if you are concerned. It has largely replaced coating type corrosion inhibitors in heavy industry many years ago. ZeRust and Cromwell are good names The gun is always ready to shoot and no need to worry if you missed a spot
  3. Have you tried this? If that works I’m in
  4. Well, keep pressing! In my case, it’s aesthetics partially - but more to remove the tacticool look should I need it in earnest. The M1 I have looks great in wood livery
  5. Anyone know who might make one or which Benelli stocks might convert?
  6. I have two HK Benellis, both with 5 digit SN. I would be appalled to learn that Benelli didn’t support them as HK was only the importer. It is a Benelli fun and they should always own that. They should have the records.
  7. Well, Beretta owns Benelli for sure. I have found that it is best to use the name on the receiver of the gun.
  8. challer

    New SBE3

    It's all about fit. Make sure you are getting a good cheek weld for consistent alignment. After that, you'll need to adjust the stock at the pattern board.
  9. SBE I/II barrels both fit. Several on eBay right now.
  10. I don't like them at all and prefer more traditional sites. I can't seem to figure out to get them off - removing the one screw doesn't do it. And what to put on? (no looking for a RDS but could).
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