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  1. It's actually a county lockup special. Get stopped in that rig and you are getting special treatment
  2. I am curious what use case you have in mind for the 14" barrel. While I've always wanted one, I can't ever figure out for me, for home defense, when I would prefer it over the longer barrel with more rounds.
  3. I used 7 1/2 on both my M4s to run them in. No issues. 100%
  4. I consider that to be in the toy category, not something for a serious professional weapon like the M4. Save your money, buy more shells.
  5. The M4 was designed for the US Marines with a very strict specification. It can easily handle most anything but the shorties and that is a mechanical feeding issue. Including birdshot. It was never designed to shoot from the hip Rambo style but many people do it successfully. That is the point of a gas action. It does not suffer the challenges of the M1 regarding firm hold and mounting of weapon lights. (I've got two of each with 10k's of rounds each, with a Daly copy thrown in for good measure) I can hold the M4 quite loosely and it fires light 24 dram loads box after box. The M1 will never do this. To the OP - cheap ammo is just fine for break-in and training. Ultimately do train with full energy loads. If you happen to somehow find a load that will not cycle the action, no harm done. Just use appropriate safety protocols. To those who can't get the gun to cycle - you've got the best defensive/offensive shotgun in the world. It's hard to defeat it.
  6. The M4 is specifically designed to be insensitive to hold, unlike the M1, which certainly is. And thus the M4 was born. I can/have fired my M4s un-shouldered with just about everything, including low FPS, without issue. Only the shorty shells are a thing and that is because they are just too short. Now, about those military manuals. I'd be interested in a link/upload
  7. I had two M1s at one time, sold one and regretted it. But the great thing about them was you could convert them from tactical to upland to the duck blind to trap with barrels. I even had a rifled barrel that was great on whitetails. But barrels now are very hard to find and priced like gold. My question is why hasn't Benelli carried this to the M4? With a different barrel, and different extension, we could do the same. I suppose they want us to get more Benellis rather than help buyers.
  8. Going through the build of two M4s. I will install Scalarworks/RMR. But want a better backup to the ghost rings. Please let me know your thoughts!
  9. Regardless of whether benelli parts is legit or not, the owner crossed the line with his messages. Treating a customer like that obscene. Far too many other people to order parts from.
  10. Consider the Owl light. As for the RDS, prefer mine that permits battery change without removing the light.
  11. There've been some on GB but the prices were about $1000
  12. Wrap your guns in VCI paper if you are concerned. It has largely replaced coating type corrosion inhibitors in heavy industry many years ago. ZeRust and Cromwell are good names The gun is always ready to shoot and no need to worry if you missed a spot
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