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  1. Allthingschokes on ebay seems to be a high volume Briley product retailer who offers the lowest prices. They have a website as well. He seems to be offering a resolution and is communicating. So, not sure what else a retailer can do more.
  2. Allthingschokes is saying that it was a Briley factory defect and Briley will fix it. So, sounds like he is aware of it and there is a resolution.
  3. Dang, same one from same guy on ebay. I have bought stuff before from allthingschokes before, definitely slow to ship. As long as the tube works, I will be ok with it.
  4. Ordered one off ebay, hope its not a lemon. It was 10% off, lol.
  5. Why isn't the end threaded? Should have same threads on both ends.
  6. I put a taran tactical recoil spring in mine, as a precaution. Since, I have added 14oz. to my M2 field and it locks back and cycles without issue. I am shooting 1050 to 1100fps 1(1/8) reloads. Now, there was a lot of oil in the recoil spring tube when I first bought. If you never cleaned that out and now its turned to grime, I think that can cause friction in the system. It is an inertia gun and that force needs to go into cycling the bolt. So, don't let the gun push you back when firing. The lighter the load, the less force you have overall, makes proper shouldering even m
  7. Well, you end up with an extra bolt release/catch. So, not quite a full 75 service fee.
  8. Wanted to mention, bought a socomguy black mag tube and it looks good on the 2020 Blue M4. It blends a little better than the DG parkerized tube from carrier comp.
  9. In CA, collapsible is not legal for M4 or M1014. Only a LE could order the real deal. I agree, some states have better access than others. Assuming all have the same access is naive.
  10. It's just to damn complicated to buy only one shotgun!
  11. Per Socomguy, replacing the spring is optional. So maybe any US follower will do the trick.
  12. Is there any specific distance where the pattern is measured? Seems like only a 50/50 gun would have a stable pattern ratio, ignoring drop. But, any 60/40 or 70/30 gun would rise continuously, again ignoring drop. So just wondering if manufacturers have established guidelines for the distance used for publishing pattern data. The shot drop will also overcome the pattern at some point, maybe 50 yards or so depending on the barrel angle.
  13. ReMark, Do you know if the M2 field shoots a 60/40. I feel like mine is a 50/50.
  14. My issue with the SBE3 was no shorter barrel options like a 21in or 24in. The M2 has more configurations available.
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