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  1. I have considered cutting off the ghost ring and tapping the top of the barrel for a standard sight. But, takes a lot of guts to try that. Other option is too buy a LPA rear sight and tap the reciever to install it.
  2. The california commemorative model is different. The model number is 11701CA vs 11701. The california model has a screw which locks the button. I suppose the 11701 does not have a lock screw. The 11701CA model is stamped M1014. The model 11707 is the pistol grip stock stamped with M4 and is CA legal. The seller could pin the stock, but people just aren't up for the hassle.
  3. I noticed my barrel rotating slightly. Does the barrel extension just unscrew if I continue to twist the barrel? Do I need some locktite in there? I painted and baked the barrel. So, could be my fault, not sure. Thanks!
  4. I got one, been on the fence about selling it. Will send you a PM.
  5. electric7

    Benelli M2

    I think it will loosen. Its not like you can own a gun without ever breaking it down.
  6. electric7


    How about a 3in 1500fps game load? That kicks like a motha. That would have to hurt.
  7. electric7


    Where is "here" for you
  8. electric7


    seems like you have to test it out with whatever you can find right now
  9. I am curious what the hottest load you could use with the Taran spring.
  10. I bought the $40 spring kit and installed everything. Not sure if I really needed the reduced power recoil spring, but went ahead and installed it anyways. It was more peace of mind that I set it up properly for the application.
  11. I just put my order in for the DG parkerized tube.
  12. I think they are just talking the barrel mating with receiver. But, won't click if you are gentle.
  13. Hey Juliett, wanted to mention I have found a lot of oil in the mag tube from the factory. Would be worthwhile to get in there and clean that out.
  14. Dumb question, I am sure someone knows this. Does Benelli make a M4 mag tube spring specifically for the 5 round setup or is it the same spring as the LE 7 round version. Reason to ask is seems like M4 takes a little more force to load rounds than the M2.
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