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  1. I followed some advice on the forum and shortened the mag spring.
  2. Nicely done! I like it.
  3. Welcome to the forum! Here is a tutorial that StrangerDanger posted awhile back on receiver removal. I have an M4 with removable chokes so not totally sure on the slug question but someone else should chime in soon.
  4. As gm2376 mentioned , there is no C clip used with extension. Since the spring isn't captured by a clip it can take a little practice to remove the extension without the spring flying out. There is a small hole in the end of the extension. I stick a small screwdriver in the hole which helps to capture the spring in the extension while you screw it off.
  5. From a quick search online I read on Brian Enos' forum "the synthetic recoil buffer needs to be replaced often in order to keep it reliable. The buffer acts as a spacer that keeps tension on the recoil assembly; if it wears out you'll have cycling problems." Larry's Guns Inc from Maine seems to be the goto supplier for the target shooting crowd for MP95 parts.
  6. I had the same question. Use Blue Loctite and you can still get it off without heat if necessary.
  7. GTTom


    I found some ammo on line at Federal. I added 10 boxes to my cart. During checkout the card amount reduced to 6 "available", then by the time I entered my credit card number the amount dropped to "0- None Available"......🙄
  8. Went to the range yesterday. Everything worked great. No problem loading 8 rounds. Not FTF. Ghost loaded 10 rounds. Boy was that fun😄 Action shot of my buddy who emigrated from Scotland. He sent the photo to his friends in Europe titled" Sunday morning Merica!". You can see the flash pattern from the breacher choke.
  9. Thanks for all the great info in the this thread! I had trouble getting 7 rounds in my new Briley carbon fiber mag tube. I then added Briley's One Shot Extension before I decided to work on the spring. FYI the Briley spring that comes with their CF mag tube is 7" longer than the Benelli factory spring. Thanks to the info from @Birdog19 post I was able to shorten the magazine spring without a lot of trial and error. Shortened the spring to 16" sticking out of the magazine (with the One Shot extension) and it fit 8 rounds but it felt like the last round was binding the spring just a bit. C
  10. I have friend who moved here from Scotland years ago. I haven't been to the range in awhile so I invited him along this morning and let him shoot my M4. Took a short video for him. He texted it to his friends in Europe with the caption "Sunday in Merica!" 😄 We had to wear masks but I could tell he was smiling ear to ear.
  11. I used blue locktite when reusing the original nut. If you have a new nut with unmolested nylon insert I would not use any locktite that is what the insert is for.
  12. GTTom


    I going to test my M4 out at the range tomorrow after installing some mods. I hit 4 local gun stores today looking for 12ga slugs. Only found two boxes of Federal at the last small mom and pop store I went to. And they would only sell me one of the boxes🤨. Going to be a short test tomorrow.......
  13. Follow up on this thread: I contacted Briley tech service and they sent me a CAD drawing of the One Shot with measurements. It was a 1:1 sketch so I printed it, cut it out and using it as a template it looked like it would fit. Ordered the One Shot extension and it came in last week. it FITS! For clearance I have to install the One Shot extension first then screw in the Carlson choke. Just enough clearance doing it this way. Now that it it fits I had to address the issue of not getting the last round in the magazine. Thanks to the info from @Birdog19 post in this thread I was able to shorten t
  14. Also curious as to what qualifies as "LE" only. Is it only when marked LE on the receiver or does it have to do with having a 7 round capacity factory installed directly from Benelli?
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