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  1. I think I saw that post in my research. Even thought the buffer looks good I should replace it anyway. It would be odd if that solved the problem but??????
  2. That was my first thought too, and thanks. I probably shouldn't have but I cut a few coils off the recoil spring, it didn't help.
  3. They'll probably say to send it in which I suppose I'll have to do at this point anyway.
  4. I'm guessing the bolt isn't coming back far enough??? Most of the time the empty casing will still be in the chamber. This is with the same ammo it used to function fine with. Geco, Aguilla, RWS, all standard velocity $6 a box ammo. I cleaned and lubed everything real good a couple times but that didn't fix the problem. I'm kinda stumped at what it could be. It's like something is worn and isn't letting the bolt back fully anymore with standard velocity ammo, like it doesn't have enough oomph anymore. It works with high velocity Remington bulk ammo which I would rather not use since
  5. All of sudden my pistol won't function standard velocity ammo??? It'll work with high velocity 40gr ammo and sketchy with the 36gr. I replaced the extractor less than a year ago and the buffer seems to fine except for slight marks on it, however its the original one since I bought it in the 90's. It seems to feed well and extract well. What do you think the problem is? Thanks for any help.
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