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  1. Anyone happen to have a contact # for Performance Shooting HQ? The 800 # listed on the site seems to be a dead end. Thanks
  2. I can tell you, you will not be disappointed with the Briley. People have also said the Agency Arms is a great option. The raven has been discontinued for a while.
  3. GG&G rear sling qd...only mounted for a dry fit, never used 22$ shipped
  4. i just ordered a couple of things yesterday. They had a crawl on the top that things are slow and shipping is taking 5 to 10 days to get and added a code for free shipping.
  5. that is it. Thanks
  6. what thumb stop/foreward grip is that? i like the minimalist of it.
  7. You sure have a fascination with make genitalia...just come out...it's 2020 now.
  8. So release the phone conversation and stop being a bitch then?
  9. Lol...way to attemp to bring in anything political. The main topic is you are a whiny baby...you come in with your first post crying that you paid over the price on Benelli parts, even though you didn't buy from there or pre order...then laughably asked them to give you back the difference. The most factual piece is that your panties got wet and now you are complaining here.
  10. Doesn't matter if you post it or not...it is illegal.
  11. so you also recorded your phone conversation...you seem like you will be a great person to work with...i am sure you had his consent....if not...you are just as shady....and that may actually be illegal.
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