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  1. 90 days is a eta...sometimes they are less, sometimes they are more.
  2. he basically runs the Briley online sales...they are not quick
  3. lol...specifically request from who? and wait 2 years? your help is not needed...lol
  4. is this post for real? You realize that the 7+1 with collapsible stock is nearly impossible to find right?
  5. haha...same here...when i was getting crap for buying .223/5.56 at 5k quantities for $.20 a round....people laughed....now they want me to cut them a deal
  6. yeah...the odds of someone trading you for a normal stock are about 0%.
  7. there is a pic in the beginning of the thread
  8. soooo....you are right.....i got my sling and have no idea how to attach it. I assumed the end with the pull went up front so you can adjust is quickly....but the pull does nothing.not sure the point of the locking tab....there does not seem to be any adjustment avialable when it is clipped together.
  9. From people i know in the post office, they still say employee shortage to covid and a huge influx in deleveries, including taking on pacakages from FedEx and UPS.
  10. mine is in USPS limbo....once it arrives i will let you know.
  11. gm2376

    Panzer M4 Shotgun

    best response in the entire thread....lol!!!
  12. gm2376

    oem m4 slings

    don't know if it is worth the price....but it works with the c stock
  13. gm2376

    oem m4 slings

    fyi, just saw benelliparts just got in oem M4 slings in stock.
  14. http://www.dragogear.com/product/42-double-gun-case/
  15. yeah, i get what he is saying, but it isn't really feasible....first you have $200 for the tax stamp, then you pay up front and wait 6 to 18 months for the stamp before you can take possession of the firearm, second most are LE and held for law enforcement if you can find one, 4th they are not any cheaper.
  16. yeah i get it...just saying a entry level m4 is not the 14.5" barrel and you must have got lucky, because you will be lucky to find a solid stock m4 for 2k.
  17. About 10 to 12 months right now...and why woukd you buy a sbs and then sell the barrel? Yiu said you just bought a entry level.
  18. You will not find a m4 with collapsible stock for 2k anymore.
  19. sold listings on ebay are topping $1k....best option is to wait for the next preorder at benelli parts. They are not selling the stocks to dealers anymore from what I have read. They just ended a preorder a few weeks ago. Other than that, check ebay every day....ever 1 out of 10 listed seems to be listed at sub $600, but they go instantly.
  20. are you using the Hoppes brush?
  21. gm2376

    Benelli Sign

    maybe reach out on their Facebook page? If not, maybe a local gun store or authorized dealer may have one to get rid of.
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