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  1. Shekkie - thanks for taking the time to post a photo. Mine looks a bit more pronounced, but glad to hear your 'step' (a better description) hasn't caused an issue. Maybe it's supposed to be there (?) . . . will be interested to see if others are seeing the 'step' on their M4's. Thanks again . . .
  2. I'm new M4's and hoping to find some perspective. Thanks in Advance. I just received my new Benelli M4, H20 ($2,300)- transferred from another dealer. Having read this thread before receiving the gun, I examined inside the receiver. Looking through the ejection port I noticed poor machining which left a burr large enough to catch a finger nail. I'm concerned that it might catch the lip of a shell . . . but not sure. Question: Do the M4 experts here think this looks typical / acceptable . . . or like an issue / something that needs to be addressed? Does anyone els
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