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  1. Looks great! You should get a nice light for it!
  2. I had a very good local gunsmith do it for me. It's most definitely possible to do and I highly doubt it's moving anywhere. I wouldn't trust myself to do it so I paid and he didn't even charge that much.
  3. Little update. Nothing major, ended up having to go with the adjustable stock to get that perfect alignment on the red dot. Added a mesa 6 shell carrier on the stock and a little karve handstop. Have a sling on the way. At this point anything more I do will probably be internal upgrading now. I also ordered a case of federal le12700 buckshot hoping they have enough power to cycle properly. Hoping to get to the range very soon just waiting on a few things for my ar-15.
  4. Here is my most recent update. I absolutely love how this turned out. Few more things I still want to do. Larger bolt release button, forend grip panels, maybe a handstop, sling. Any recommendation on anything else to do? Should I worry about some kind of backup iron sight system? Let me know your thoughts.
  5. Thanks for the replies. Did a lot of research this morning and ordered the surefire m650df with pressure switch and mlok switch plate. Supposed to be 1500 lumens lol. Will be buying the Carlson breech choke, luckily the 21" barrel is threaded. Next I'll be doing some research on optics. In the end for home defense it might not even be worth it though seeing as I'd have to get the reciever tapped. And if I add a rail then I don't have any backup sights. I'll update a new picture when the light goes on. Thanks.
  6. A little update picture, trying to do a little research on my next moves, input appreciated.
  7. I'm new to Benelli, just picked up a M2 field with 28" barrel recently. Options were slim but I wanted a nice home defense shotgun with the option to convert back in case I take up some hunting in the future. So far all I've done is put in a 21" barrel and mag extension. I mean as it sits right there it's probably more than capable for home defense. But I am looking for advice on other modification I should do and where I can find them. I've been looking at Mesa Tactical's website and am considering a different stock, and foregrip. I know it's kinda ugly now but by the time it's done it'll be
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