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  1. With the price these things cost, you shouldn’t have to change out anything on them at all 🤣
  2. That would be my guess. The gun business is a damn good business to be in right about now.
  3. Guess I lucked out, BenelliParts had a 3-position recoil tube in stock, just ordered it up.
  4. Thank you! I sent him a PM, maybe he can help me modify my stock recoil tube, that would be awesome.
  5. Yes, that's my fault for not reading more in-depth. However, when I see a collapsible stock, I assume it's going to collapse all the way. Not a huge deal, but it's kind of silly to make it look like a collapsible stock but not actually function as one. Anyways, I'll check out the how-to. It looks like with some machine work it would be possible. As for buying one, do you happen to know anyone who might have them in stock? I've found them at a few places but they all say out of stock. I've been paying attention to the 922r compliance list and already ordered a few other parts, so
  6. I recently purchase this Benelli M4 shotgun on GunBroker: https://www.gunbroker.com/item/879124730 Much to my dismay, upon receiving it and putting it together, I found that the stock is barely even collapsible at all. I did some research and it looks like this is referred to as a "neutered" collapsible stock. My question is what do I need to make it fully collapsible? It sounds like I need a 3-position recoil spring tube, is that right? If so, does anyone know the part number for this, let alone where I can get one? I suspect like everything else they are out of st
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