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    In Bass Pro last weekend, the shelves of rifle and pistol ammo completely cleaned out 100% - even oddball hunting cartridges probably only chambered for bolt actions. No slugs or buckshot. But, 12GA bird shot/turkey/field/target loads, all you want, shelves of it... lol I've noticed plenty of birdshot in stock everywhere else around here too at regular prices. I guess nobody thinks birdshot at close range will deter bad guys. If someone asked me right now what gun to get for home defense I might suggest a 12GA pump or auto that will cycle light loads based solely on the fact that I
  2. That was fast! Its back after being fixed by Benelli. Invoice shows pin and spring installed and then test fired with no malfunction.
  3. My gun is with Benelli for work right now. They ask you to return everything to stock parts before you send it in. I think that is mostly because they retain the right to replace the whole gun if they determine that the gun should not be repaired. I don't think they would freak out if you had a magazine extension. But, if they decided to swap out the gun, you might lose the magazine extension.
  4. Thanks, I'm not a hunter so chokes are new to me. I think I should get extended choke just so I don't forget its on there. I also think .700 is a small as you can get and still run steel shot and slugs, at least that's the impression I'm getting looking at a lot of different chokes. Wondering if there are any chokes to stay away from.
  5. My favorite indoor range allows shotguns but only with full chokes. Any recommendations on chokes for the M4? The choke will probably just be used at the range out to 25 or 30 yards. I love the tactical looking breacher chokes but nobody makes those in anything but cylinder bore.
  6. That's not a bad price for the H20 now - a few months ago those were going for $3500 on GB. Now, good luck finding shells for it without getting scalped.
  7. Fantastic analysis - A masters class on the mag cap retainer assembly. I can clearly see the assembly sleeve has to be a different factory-only part. That could not be formed only by deforming the metal around the hole. I am sending it back to Benelli (the customer support I talked to was outstanding). It will be interesting to see if they attempt to put in the spring and detent or just swap the whole barrel assembly. One thing still bothering me is why sell the detent and spring replacement parts and not the sleeve? Nobody is going to be able to swap a worn or broken detent or s
  8. Interesting - I see what they did. My gun must have skipped this step completely because there is zero indentation or tooling marks around the hole. Its not a case of the hole being stamped wrong and then the part fell out - no attempt was made to close the hole around the detent (if detent and spring were ever installed).
  9. I'd like to see a close-up picture of a correctly installed detent in that hole.
  10. That's the plan now. Requested a return authorization number from Benelli. I don't know how fast they handle repairs like this under normal conditions - much less COVID conditions. My experience with sending guns to other manufacturers for repair: Colt - Terrible, kept gun for 4 months and didn't actually fix it. Uberti - Good, repaired gun in a month or so. Springfield Armory - Great, repaired in weeks.
  11. Thanks for your reply -- Since the parts are readily available from a couple of sources I thought it might be a somewhat common problem, not something that's a factory fix. I'm still waiting to hear from Benelli. Something doesn't smell right about a plastic part like this being so difficult to install or replace. But there is basically no information on the internet about how to install it so I guess if properly installed at the factory, they last forever? One disadvantage to selling the gun disassembled is they will never catch a problem like this before shipping it.
  12. Started new thread because old title not descriptive enough. NIB, unfired M4 is missing mag cap retaining pin and spring. Looking for advice from anyone who has dealt with this problem before. Thanks in advance.
  13. I'd love to just buy the parts and fix it myself instead of waiting months for Benelli to fix it. Unless Benelli will let me send the barrel in and send a replacement (including this hardware). If I had these pieces, I could slide them in the back of that hole.. but what keeps it from falling out the back of the hole again, they actually swag that in there? I don't think they could crimp it shut, that's an aluminum casting I think.
  14. I think I found the problem. There is supposed to be a pin and spring in that hole. Midwest Gun Works and a few other places have the parts. But, I can't find anything on the internet that explains how they are installed. The hole goes all the way through... what holds the pin and spring in there? I've contacted Benelli and waiting for their reply..
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