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  1. That's like saying, "I got my first car, a Ferrari !" You are starting on top, good choice.
  2. Thanks I installed a Wolff spring from FFT yesterday but have not taken it back to the range yet. Using Federal shells and I am measuring them myself and they seem to be at spec for unfired 2 3/4" loads at about 2 1/4" or maybe 1/16 more than that.
  3. Regarding shell length, 2 3/4" is the length of the fired hull, correct. Unfired (as in the magazine) we are looking at 2 1/4", correct?
  4. Thanks, are you saying the Carriercomp Wolff spring is different than the Wolff spring sold at Freedom Fighter Tactical or other places?
  5. I know this subject has been covered before regarding getting the full 7 round capacity out of an M4 - shell length yada yada is the usual advice. I saw a comment somewhere that magazine spring can be a factor and the Wolff spring will help get you to 7 rounds in the tube better than stock or other aftermarket springs. Any truth to this? I recently put a DMW (Dave's Metal Works) 2 round extension on and can't get more than 6 rounds in. I have tried several types of 2 3/4" shells with no luck. I don't think its the DMW tube, it's fit and finish is excellent and customer service from DMW has been great. Function of the gun has been 100% both before and after the DMW upgrade.
  6. Is it actually gas operated or a more traditional shotgun action dressed up as a M4? Since they are cloning it, surprised they didn't go ahead and clone the more expensive model with collapsible stock.
  7. I haven't seen a SeeAll sight on an M4 but I like the concept. I actually like iron sights because I'm old school and think shooting iron sights is more challenging and fun. I like the M4 factory sights but I wish the rear sight was a few inches forward. The SeeAll sort of splits the difference between irons and a red dot. Anyone have experience with these or think they would work on an M4? https://www.seeallopensight.com/collections/rail-mount-sights
  8. I've had the M4 for a few months and 90% of the ammo I've run through it has been 7 1/2 shot game loads. The first few boxes right out of the box were all game loads. It has malfunctioned exactly zero times. I had heard and read that the new M4 needs to be broken in on high brass before it can reliably run light loads--not in my experience. I'm extremely satisfied with the M4. I'm also very happy to add a shotgun to the safe because its the only thing I can afford to shoot now. Game loads are still available everywhere online. I guess most people don't consider birdshot for defense so its not being scalped. It would not be my first choice either but I know at close range it produces damage that is probably not even survivable -- I've seen tests of birdshot where it blows a fist size hole through 1/2" plywood at 5 yards. With the coyote full choke on, my range will let me shoot shotguns. As long as I can get cheap birdshot I'll still be shooting the M4!
  9. Finally got the M4 to the range last night, bought NIB a couple months ago. After a handful of buckshot, it ate up 50 rounds of #6 game loads. Then a friend let me borrow a couple slugs. Zero malfunctions! I was expecting the new gun to have trouble with the cheap off-brand game loads--I was wrong.
  10. Anjin-san


    In Bass Pro last weekend, the shelves of rifle and pistol ammo completely cleaned out 100% - even oddball hunting cartridges probably only chambered for bolt actions. No slugs or buckshot. But, 12GA bird shot/turkey/field/target loads, all you want, shelves of it... lol I've noticed plenty of birdshot in stock everywhere else around here too at regular prices. I guess nobody thinks birdshot at close range will deter bad guys. If someone asked me right now what gun to get for home defense I might suggest a 12GA pump or auto that will cycle light loads based solely on the fact that I know they would be able to get ammo for it -- birdshot -- not the best but not nothing.
  11. That was fast! Its back after being fixed by Benelli. Invoice shows pin and spring installed and then test fired with no malfunction.
  12. My gun is with Benelli for work right now. They ask you to return everything to stock parts before you send it in. I think that is mostly because they retain the right to replace the whole gun if they determine that the gun should not be repaired. I don't think they would freak out if you had a magazine extension. But, if they decided to swap out the gun, you might lose the magazine extension.
  13. Thanks, I'm not a hunter so chokes are new to me. I think I should get extended choke just so I don't forget its on there. I also think .700 is a small as you can get and still run steel shot and slugs, at least that's the impression I'm getting looking at a lot of different chokes. Wondering if there are any chokes to stay away from.
  14. My favorite indoor range allows shotguns but only with full chokes. Any recommendations on chokes for the M4? The choke will probably just be used at the range out to 25 or 30 yards. I love the tactical looking breacher chokes but nobody makes those in anything but cylinder bore.
  15. That's not a bad price for the H20 now - a few months ago those were going for $3500 on GB. Now, good luck finding shells for it without getting scalped.
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