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  1. Hmm... Makes sense. There couldn't be any way I happened to get an old stock model after 2 years with the way they were selling so quickly. I am meticulous about keeping all unused parts in a big bin. I even have random parts for guns I sold 10+ years ago. I couldn't find the .8" clamp anywhere, so I just needed the sanity check. Thanks for the help!
  2. Evening all, I had a quick question about the AVA Tactical Mod 1 mount. I purchased one in February of 2018, and am preparing to sell it. The buyer asked me if it came with both .8" and 1" rings, but I cannot seem to locate a second ring in my parts bin, and don't remember it coming with a second ring. Were there ever generational changes in these mounts where it only came with one ring? Just needed a sanity check. Thanks for the help!
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