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  1. It is still pretty amazing how many Benelli parts are still backwards compatible. I wished Benelli would have an online resource center to check parts fitment.
  2. Hensoldt RSA-S. I have one on mine. BTW that is Sigma05's Benelli.
  3. http://www.shotgunworld.com/bbs/viewtopic.php?f=61&t=391968 Benelligunny is most likely correct. I dug up a deep archive of a post I replied to before and sure enough there is a picture of the two choke tubes. SL80 choke tube.
  4. I like the clean look. I think I might go this route
  5. Not easy to remove. Buy the best roll pin punch you can afford.
  6. Oh you are correct. If you want it to be easily removable you will have to cut some metal. You could also install the M1014 single position tube.
  7. Pretty much you take the stock apart and drop a pin in. You can reassemble or modify the button to be easier to limit. https://www.calguns.net/calgunforum/showthread.php?t=1507997 Another option:
  8. If you go that route, you can buy an extra button in the event you mess up the hole. https://www.midwestgunworks.com/page/mgwi/prod/70093
  9. If you got an extra, I would like it. Online appears to be metal still.
  10. There is likely something just slightly misaligned causing the hang up. Make sure nothing is protruding out of the trigger assembly.
  11. hold the bolt release button down, then push the trigger in.
  12. Rotate it a bit, play around with it. Get to know your gun.
  13. Your Super nova has the same spring for both trigger pins. The Ethos has two as well, but only one is used to keep the pin in place.
  14. Part number is 60504. It is literally the only spring holding your troublesome trigger pin in place. If it is not that then you may need to put in a warranty request.
  15. I love the M4 lifter as well. I believe it is in the Ethos and Raffaello, just chrome plated. I am having several M4 lifters cut to fit in my M3.
  16. Already like the XS sight more. I dunno if I will ever use it because my rig is set up for a red dot and has a cheek riser.
  17. I never knew they were that expensive!
  18. So it doesn't fit the profile perfect? I am looking for the Limbsaver Airtech with the closest matching profile to the original. It wouldn't be for a collapsible stock. I am thinking of putting it in my field stock. I did just spend close to $170 on a different pad for a different project. Maybe I will just use that one. How does the Airtech compare to the old? I am assuming you have both now.
  19. Hecc yeah I am interested. What prevents the newer Limbsaver Airtech from going on the aluminium stock? Is it the recoil tube extends too much into the stock?
  20. My mistake, just found some old pictures of my M1014, it did indeed have the older barrel design. I just happened to have the an extra updated barrel.
  21. The shell stop/bolt release latch tilts towards the shell on the carrier to release a new shell. if there is already a shell on the carrier, it can't tilt all the way in.
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