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  1. Is there any certain steps involved in cleaning a Benelli M4 chrome lined barrel? What do you guys thinks is the best and safest products to use such as solvents,oils,cleaning kits, and bore snakes? Is Hoppes #9 safe on chrome lined barrels? I have read about Hoppes #9 Semi-Automatic has anyone used this and if so is it better to use than Hoppes#9 on the M4? Thanks, Jason
  2. I have read many reviews on Break Free and M-Pro 7 and both sound like good products. I would like to know if one is better than the other and if so why? I will be purchasing some supplies over weekend and want to get the best. Please provide so experience with products and opinions. Thanks, Jason
  3. I want to thank everyone for their helpful information. I received my M4 and it is a two port. I appreciate you all for your time and info. Thanks, Jason
  4. Yesterday, I just picked up my new M4. It is un-assembled still in the box. The gun has dried oil on it from the packaging used at factory to store the gun. What are the best cleaners and oils to use to clean and oil both the interior and exterior of the gun that will not harm the paint finish? Also, are there any tricks that I need to know on assembly that are not in the owners manual and do you guys know if there is any good step by step manual on cleaning and assembly/dissassembly of the M4? All information is very helpful and I appreciate your time. Thank You, Jason
  5. Looking for pictures of a Benelli M4, 2 port barrel and 4 port barrel. I will be purchasing a Benelli M4 and want to be certain that it is a 2 port barrel gun but I am not sure what exactly to look for. Seeing pictures of both will help greatly any pictures and detailed information will be appreciated. Thank You, Jason
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