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  1. For rusted parts that is true, for this application heat is only needed to defeat the loctite. I heated the inside of the tube for a few seconds and was able to unscrew by hand.
  2. Yup, focused heat where u need it. Heat just the tube. Receiver stays cool to the touch.
  3. 45min is crazy mapp gas torch for a few seconds took care of my tube
  4. HOLY SH!T I've never won anything in my life you have pm and yes I will post plenty of pics THANK YOU !!!!!
  5. i thought the slp was softer, but the m4 is more reliable
  6. Dan GSR

    FNH SLP vs M4

    Used to own a slp. No comparison, get the m4
  7. for sale: pistol grip stock for benelli m4 $40
  8. http://youtu.be/suQ9A1hKCXg
  9. How far do u want to shoot?
  10. i had some platidip laying around and sprayed my forend today i like it so far better grip, and looks factory
  11. Anyone have the m4 forend stippled? Post pictures
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