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  1. I picked up mine from the LGS this past Saturday. It's a good looking shotgun, but is definitely a lightweight, even compared to my M2. It will be interesting to see how the recoil impulse feels over a round of sporting clays. Hopefully you're able to get yours soon! K.
  2. Anything to add to your experience with the Ethos Sport, since posting the original question back in June? I have one sitting at the LGS waiting for me to pick up... Only negative I've heard about so far is the rib and it's single mounting screw (?) coming loose. K.
  3. Have they made mention of what month is the last month they took backorders & when they'll be taking more orders? Thanks, K.
  4. Good information, I appreciate your input! K.
  5. If you don't mind me asking, and since I haven't been through any shotgun tactical training yet... When an assailant is too close, or closing in too fast to be able to bring the shotgun up to complete extension, what is the correct course of action? Thanks, K.
  6. OK, another question? I'm getting ready to clean & lubricate this M4 up tonight, and was wondering... Do I need to remove the choke tube each and every time I clean it? Would that be considered best practice? TIA, K.
  7. What's wrong with wanting or expecting a firearm to be flexible and able to fire in all situations. I sometimes train for close-quarter situations with all my weapons, as you never know when you'll need to gain a couple extra inches or so to get the shot off. Practicing for these situations requires you to pull away from the normal extension of the weapon and use of the sights. Including handguns you may be required to shoot from the body/hip area. K.
  8. I took the M4 out today for it's 1st break-in run... Shot a total of 95 2-3/4" rounds through it, starting with 40-rounds of 00-buck, then mixing it up with #9 1330fps, slugs, & more 00-buck. The weapon had only one failure-to-eject with one of the #9 rounds, when braced on the shoulder. I tried running a few rounds of the #9 and the 00-buck firing-off-the-hip, but all of them resulted in failures-to-eject. I'm going to clean & lubed it tomorrow, and take it back out soon... Once broken in well, will these fire-off-the-hip OK? I'm assuming that today's off-the-hip issues were
  9. I purchased a M4 about a month ago and am finally headed out this weekend for the first shots fired! From what I've seen/read on the board here: --Keep it very well lubed (wet) during the process! --Use high velocity ammo, preferred slug or 00-buck. 1.) Will higher velocity #8 shot work during the break-in, 1325fps? 2.) Can I use #6 steel shot in the weapon? Factory stock choke tube... Thanks, K.
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