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  1. Finally was able to pick up my wife's shotgun over the weekend. She's happy with it overall, especially the weight, but would like to shorten the stock if that's even possible. Her trap gun was shortened by about 3/4", but I think we can get away with much less with the Ethos. I wonder if that's even a possibility. Jerry
  2. K., Interesting enough, it looks like mine has hit the FFL over the weekend. Unfortunately, with deer season ending, I am making a push to get my tag filled, which means the Ethos Sport waiting for me has to wait. I'll try to head out and get the paperwork/waiting period started as soon as I can. My wife is more interested in getting this to the trap/sporting clays range than my deer hunting in terms of priority. Jerry
  3. Nope, I'm still waiting for mine to show up. According to the Benelli rep, it should be here within the next month. My wife is a little bummed since she hoped we should shoot some sporting clays over the summertime, but there's always the rest of the year to enjoy it here. Jerry
  4. Yeah, we are just waiting for the Ethos Sport to show up. She's been waiting rather patiently, I must say. As for my SBEII, I have never had a problem cycling the bulk econ shells before. I've used it for trap as a warm up for prior duck/goose seasons and never had problems. I clean it annually, usually before hunting begins, right after practicing with it. Gun just flat out works. I've been asked by friends if I planned to upgrade to the SBEIII, and my usual answer is "I'll get a new one when this breaks" which might take a while. Jerry
  5. I had this same sentiment with my previous M4, but with the fixed stock. I bought the c-stock and have been gathering the necessary items to pin it (for California's laws) and also to mount the Limbsaver on it. Hopefully this helps. Jerry
  6. OP, What was it about the c-stock that you did not like? I find the standard pistol grip to be too long by just a tad, so I'm wondering if it's just my t-rex arms, or something else. Jerry
  7. Hi All, My wife and I are planning to start shooting sporting clays. I ordered the Ethos Sport for her, but have come across very little information on it. I'm wondering if it was a wise purchase... I plan to start off with my duck/goose gun, which is a SBEII, and if it goes well, maybe I'll get something more fitting. Hope to hear of some firsthand experiences! Jerry
  8. Wow, here in California, the M4 SBS are what dreams are made of. I submitted a form 1 for AOW, but that has yet to been approved. Congrats, I recently purchased my second M4, but standard length. Jerry
  9. Hi All, I'm new to the forums, but not to Benelli shotguns. I grew up with a M1S90 and have several these days. I'm working on a M4 and was planning to purchase one of the A&S trigger guards, but have come across the threads here discussing some safety concerns. I'm a bit unclear as to whether or not these have actually been addressed by A&S. Topleft, was there any additional charge for you to send in your trigger components for them to assemble? Thanks in advance for your help! Jerry
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