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  1. The rear sight on the M4 is a royal PITA to take off. The bolts are staked after assembly.....just sayin..
  2. Totally agree, Im a field stock guy myself.👍
  3. Carbon fiber mag tube....lol, reminds me of when I tried this...
  4. Its not terribly hard to modify/shorten LOP on your OEM stock. Plus you get a sense of accomplishment by doing it yourself. A Dremel tool is your best friend in doing mods like this. Here are a couple pics of my M3 before and after I chopped her down. Green tape and a exacto blade made a nice straight line to follow, after that I decided to just reuse the oem but pad so I had to Dremel a step/recess for it to fit. (picture was taken before final sanding was done) You could also use a limbsaver pad with an adapter plate as well. Here is a link to that M3 project if youre interested....it was a fun build. https://forums.benelliusa.com/topic/21328-some-m3-love/?tab=comments#comment-143712
  5. I even tried making my own mechanism that kept the original button un-drilled or inducing any accidental twisting of the button.. https://forums.benelliusa.com/topic/21323-i-made-a-thingy/?tab=comments#comment-143672 In the end, the original button seems to work better than anything. Its small and snag free.
  6. Thought about this thread when you said that.. https://forums.benelliusa.com/topic/21634-enhanced-bolt-release-options-for-m1014/?tab=comments#comment-146250
  7. Production problems, quality issues, price point issues, reliability issues, legal issues....
  8. ..but their site is still up, just that one product is missing....hmmmm I could speculate a few situations but Im conspiracy minded...😏
  9. Im sorry, I got confused with a different brand. My bad.
  10. I really liked Daves Metal works. I think he is only asking 90 bucks for a 7 rnd tube. Its metal, but strong.
  11. Yep, when you have all three in front of you its a no-brainer. The poly one is...well its plastic. The OEM aluminum one is rough and crudely cast...The A&S is high quality and precision made. It puts both the plastic and oem aluminum guards to shame. ****************************************************************************** Plastic guard kinda reminds me of Glock (and thats being kind) OEM aluminum guard reminds me of Hi-Point A&S guard = Full custom 1911 ...and Im not a A&S fanboy, just calling it as I see it. Honestly I dont care for the built in ramp on the A&S guard, I think its useless and looks dumb...
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