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  1. No its not part of the compliance list. Must have wrote that when I was out of coffee. my bad.
  2. This one is SOLD ladies and gentlemen. Thank you Benelli forums.
  3. I don't think the pistol grip reduces recoil, but what I have noticed is that I seem to get better shoulder welds when using the pistol grip vs the field stock. When using the the field stock, I have to concentrate more on getting a good seat. (Shoulder to buttock) the P/G allows me to push it in to my shoulder without really thinking about it, resulting in a lower percentage of times when I seem to leave a gap between my shoulder and buttstock. Hiking with the pistol grip will cause many curse words to come out of your mouth. So ill changed mine to field.
  4. Freedom Fighter Tactical brand (922r compliant) custom stippled foregrip in used condition. Asking 40 shipped to your door. email [email protected]
  5. I personally like the field stock myself. It looks less militant....
  6. Borrowed from StrangerDanger's post...
  7. 1. Just remember that the newer H2o is NOT really a true H2o. Its Ceracoated not real NP3 coated. 2. Your recoil spring tube may not have the grooves cut into it for a fully functional collapsible stock if that matters to you. My Ceracoated H2o came with a field stock but the recoil tube actually had all grooves cut into it so that a collapsible pistol grip stock worked when swapped for the field stock, however my other M4 came with a standard fixed pistol grip but the recoil tube was NOT grooved for a functional collapsible style pistol stock.
  8. Glad I wasn't drinking something when I read that,....it would have been all over my computer.
  9. You would be in the Wolf Spring club,....mine came with a whiskey decanter and shot glass.....
  10. Great post DC DOG! A few thoughts. Ive extended 4 m4's with the short tube by adding Freedom Fighter or Daves 7rd extension tubes. I had to go back and install Wolf springs to all of them because sooner or later they experienced failure to feed issues because the stock 5rd spring was to week. While adjusting the elevator down a bit seemed to be a temporary fix, installing the Wolf spring was the only real "cure". Adding anything aftermarket requires fine tuning and vigorous safety checks. (especially in the trigger mechanism) Moving the magazine spring retainer to its furthest outward position is a given when installing any spring, this insures the spring has full usage of the mag tube length. Aftermarket followers are another thing to keep in mind when trying to utilize the full potential of your tube. Oversize followers take away from your inner mag capacity. Many springs are tapered on the end because they were designed to fit inside the follower and not just rest behind it. This eliminates any sharp spring end from scraping the inner wall of your mag tube. Keep in mind when trimming a spring/fine tuning it, be sure to bend the cut inward with a pair of needle nose pliers. This goes for both ends of the spring, tapered or not. When trying to fit 7 rnds into your new 7rnd tube, the differences in length per ammunition brands do vary. Dont let this train of thought limit your rnd cnt in your tube! I made that mistake. I found out that after installing the Wolf spring that 6 rnds of anything was the most I could squeeze into my tube, and I shot it that way for along time assuming it was just the brand or length of ammo. After realizing that the 7th rnd always was just about 5/8ths of an inch from going in the tube, a simple removal of 2 1/2 coils was the ultimate fix for me.
  11. I have an extra pistol grip stock Ill sell for cheap.
  12. ........but of course,...Im just messing with you...welcome to the forum nealc104! 😀
  13. Thats because everybody is doing or has done a "mag cap modification"......after that, 7 rounds of any brand shell will fit in the tube.
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