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  1. Wipe the sticky areas down with some isopropyl alcohol. Some of the vulcanizing chemicals can leach out of a brand new handle and cause a sticky feel. It needs to see daylight, so take her out and shoot it.😁
  2. Agreed, like jimbo45 said it could add an extra layer of protection. I dont think they cerakote anything metal (as apposed to aluminum) so its not going to protect against any rusting, but things that may potentially scratch it would have to go through the cerakote first wherever it was applied....plus it looks cool. I personally would prefer a black gun and put FDE parts on it rather than have the receiver permanently coated but thats just me.
  3. Cool, glad you were able to figure it out. What a headache! I bet it feels great to have her all up and running again! 😎
  4. That gun is messed up! HUGE bulge and unsafe to fire...probably even has a stuck slug in there! Ill take it off your hands for $250😁
  5. I feel you! ...and Im reminded of this every-time I look into my attachments here LOL! (even if some are just for fun) 🤣
  6. Any tips on shooting clay pigeons? ...Be vewy vewy qwiet...
  7. tree....fiddy....
  8. Ok, my spare "pos" calipers dont fit into a small flat rate box☹️ I was just gonna mail them to you. For the cost of the next box size you might as well just go to Lowes and buy a $20 pair a cheapies. let us know what A&S says...
  9. I have an extra set, ...I wonder if they'd fit in a small flats rate.?....hmmm
  10. Do you have a set of digital calipers? Id be happy to compare hole and pin sizes. 😁 This bushing? (borrowed pic)
  11. Did the sandy hook happen? What do you think?
  12. Sounds to me like you ruined a A&S trigger guard. By bushing pin, what one are you referring to? If you sanded out any pin holes in the A&S there is a very good chance you have made a unsafe weapon. This thread was the first one I thought of when reading this.. It takes very little effort to make this gun Dangerous if you dont know what you are doing.
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