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  1. Here is how the conversation ended. He claims he was just having a bad day.. Make of it what you will, but I guess everything is alright.
  2. I think I'll skip the choke for now but I will keep that in mind. I ran 200 rounds of bird shot and about 30 slugs through the gun yesterday and it is fantastic! Did a good job shooting Clay's as well considering the fixed choke and #6 shot. Not a single issue, sighted in decent from the factory and man do these things run well! My buddy's got a couple mag dump videos with flames. I did see your post about the recoil tube and it seems like a nice process. I will get my tools together and do the mag tube and recoil tube at the same time. So thank you for that.
  3. So he sent me these pictures to clarify. Which I am entirely fine with the way these parts are. Just based on the website description I find it a bit misleading. Such as the "dont settle for anything less that factory wrapped with part number" wording. There is not anything inherently wrong with the parts. But as i stated before. When you expect a particular thing and recieve another it can be confusing. I'm sure most people would reach out to have a better understanding of why the parts are not exactly as described. Maybe he is unaware of the website description. But instead of just
  4. Yeah I see where you guys are coming from. I deal with people all day as well and everybody who works any job I'm sure would like to tell somebody they are stupid or ignorant. But in business when someone give you several hundred dollars in the exchange of good faith for parts to be as described. I expect a clear concise response. As well as an educated one. I dont expect that kind of treatment. I ordered the collapsible stock and mag tube first. But I made a mistake. I clearly do not need the stock. I did not have the M4 yet because shipping was taking forever.. So I emailed him an
  5. So I ordered some parts from benelliparts.net This was my experience.. They guy was very short and not very helpful. Honestly it seemed like he could barely communicate in english. Towards the end(today) he just flat out starts sending immature insulting emails. The parts I ordered from his site are not as described and when i sent pictures to him about the quality difference. He responds and begins insulting me for no reason. Here are some screen shots and pictures.. You will see my initial email with pictures or the part condition and then screen shots of what
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